The Journal: An Open Statement on “Diversity” in Fiction

In today’s Journal * Welcome * Yesterday * Topic: An Open Statement on “Diversity” in Fiction * The Numbers Welcome to Bill S., the most recent subscriber to the Journal. Well, a pretty good day yesterday, but only because a day with any writing is better than a day without any. I fell far short of my goal, and really for no good reason. I just got lazy. Still, every little bit helps. Topic: An Open Statement on “Diversity” in Fiction Yesterday too, a reader pointed out that I “haven’t mentioned diversity very much on [T]he Ark.” That’s true. I … Read more

The Journal: On Traditional Publishing

In today’s Journal * Topic: On Traditional Publishing * Yesterday and Today * The Numbers Topic: On Traditional Publishing Be sure to check out David Farland’s link in “Of Interest” today, and then let’s all have a good cry for traditional publishing. If you didn’t catch it, that was sarcasm. For a major writer who influences so many other writers to defend traditional publishing so stringently, especially while omitting a lot of pertinent information, borders on the irresponsible. I can only wonder how many writers were on the verge of beginning their careers as indie publishers only to be nudged … Read more

The Journal: Welcome

In today’s Journal * Welcome * The Numbers Welcome to our new friend Yakov and any others who have subscribed or started reading the Journal in recent days. If I can do anything to help with your writing, feel free to email me at Now and then I miss a day posting, Yakov, as I almost did today, when I have nothing to pass along. Nothing else today but I wanted to get “Of Interest” out to you. Just writing. Yesterday I officially went over 100,000 words for the month. Oops. I screwed up and forgot to add a … Read more

The Journal: Today, an Odd Compilation

In today’s Journal * Quotes of the Day * A do-over * New cats * This morning * Topic: “Thread” vs. “Outline” * The Numbers Quotes of the Day “It was only when publishing house after publishing house, agent after agent had rejected my submissions, and I’d decided that no one was ever going to read my books, that I threw the rules out the window. I then simply wrote what I wanted to write, wrote how the stories came to me, was true to them and my characters. Then I published myself … And I’ve sold more than two … Read more

The Journal: “Hallelujah” and Cover Art

In today’s Journal * Quotes of the Day * If I may wax * I knew better * Someone asked me * The Numbers Quotes of the Day “I will be glad to see 2021 arrive so I can get back to getting back to being uninterrupted by all the crapfulessness going on.” Anonymous Me too, brother. Me too. “Yet another reason to prioritize writing: Probably nobody ever has broken an arm while at the keyboard.” My tongue-in-cheek version of being ‘supportive’ to a writer friend who broke her arm while doing something other than writing “I did my best, … Read more

The Journal: Finished the Novel, and “Hallelujah”

In today’s Journal * Quotes of the Day * Hallelujah * Finished the novel * The Numbers See “Hallelujah” at There are many other beautiful short videos at The Passive Voice. You’ll see them it you click the link above and then (after “Hallelujah”) click the Home tab. Wishing you a beautiful, peaceful day. I finished the novel on Chrismas Eve. Woohoo! That’s 9 novels on the year and 54 overall. As it stands at this moment, I PLAN to take most of today off to spend with my wife, her sister Dori and my son Jason. Then I … Read more

The Journal: Catching Up

In today’s Journal * Quotes of the Day * Last night * More astute readers * Just a thought * Merry Christmas * The Numbers Quotes of the Day “It is inaccurate to say that I hate everything. I am strongly in favor of common sense, common honesty, and common decency. This makes me forever ineligible for public office.” H. L. Mencken Last night, one sister-in-law and one son from Indiana flew in to Las Vegas and then drove from there for a visit. We are fortunate that they will be with us during Christmas and as we begin the … Read more

The Journal: Not much today

In today’s Journal * Not much today * The Numbers Not much today. Nothing, really. I’m posting this mostly to get the items in “Of Interest” out to you. Especially the first item for you short fiction writers. In fact, it took me longer to make the links below “hot” than it did to write the rest of this. Talk with you again soon. Of Interest See “Making a Living With Short Fiction 2021” at See “Abandoned Town of Cairo, Illinois” at Story ideas. See “24 Creative Nonfiction Publishers…” at Any essayist or memoirists out there? See … Read more

The Journal: Creating a Series Bible

In today’s Journal * Quotes of the Day * Welcome * Topic: Creating a Series Bible * After taking the day before * The Numbers Quotes of the Day On a character seeing a shattered mug on the floor of the kitchen or bedroom: “How it wound up on the floor isn’t important (yet). What is important is that I’ve created conflict just by showing the shattered mug.” Sue Coletta “A funny thing happens while creating a story bible. Scene ideas flood the creative mind.” Sue Coletta Welcome to my new UK subscriber and to others who have recently subscribed. … Read more

The Journal: A Question on Writing Setting

In today’s Journal * Quote of the Day * Topic: A Question on Writing Setting * The Numbers Quote of the Day “The settings you create, the characters you bring to life, the stories you imagine into existence—those are important! Most readers don’t care if you can do stylistic handsprings. What they want is story that grabs them, holds them, and moves them.” David Farland Topic: A Question on Writing Setting A writer (not a Journal reader, I think) wrote to ask me about writing setting. I thought my response would make a good topic for the Journal. He wrote … Read more