The Journal, Wednesday, June 6

Hey Folks, A very long post today. First a topic for folks who have joined the Journal recently and/or haven’t heard my speil on punctuation as a tool before. Then one of the personal tidbits some of you like. This one is a fairly brief bit on everyday life as a writer (or anyone else) in southeast Arizona. Topic: On Comma Use Recently, a major writer with whom I usually agree on most things handed out some bad information. And by bad I mean harmful. A writer commented that she doesn’t know where to place commas. The major writer advised … Read more

The Journal, Monday, June 4

Hey Folks, Wow. Nothing but whole lot of nothing going on yesterday in a writerly way. Did a little work around the yard, did some reading, but very little else. My business computer was all messed up (the last Lenovo I’ll ever buy) so I spent a few hours messing with it. Finally got it working again, or at least limping along. I did spend a little time online finding things for “Of Interest” and they’re below. Nothing time sensitive, so I figured it would keep until today. Hence no Journal yesterday. I stayed up too late on Sunday night, … Read more

The Journal, Friday, June 1

Hey Folks, Short post today, which I’m sure you’ll find a relief after some of my recent ones. (grin) I had a good walk this morning. Otherwise I’m just writing today. I haven’t set aside the work tentatively titled Seduction quite yet, but I moved on to another one today. Maybe I’ll finish Seduction, maybe not. Not worried about it. It feels sluggish right now, and at the moment I just want to produce, get myself back on track with a routine. The new one, Dread, is listed below. New month, too, so I had to set up all my … Read more