The Journal: Quanta Magazine

In today’s Journal * Quanta Magazine * Of Interest * The Numbers Not a lot to talk about today, but I wanted to get the “Of Interest” items out to you. But before I do that, I strongly recommend a free subscription to Quanta Magazine’s free newsletter. Did I mention it’s free? To find the subscription form, click the link to the first article in “Of Interest.” Then click the small menu icon to the right of the search icon in the upper right corner. When the new page loads, enter your email address under Newsletter on the right and … Read more

The Journal: A Writing Tip

In today’s Journal * Quote of the Day * A Writing Tip * The writing has slowed a bit * Of Interest * The Numbers Quote of the Day “For reasons of high aesthetic principle, I do not write on a computer. Writing on a computer makes saving what’s been written too easy. Pretentious lead sentences are kept, not tossed. Instead of sitting surrounded by crumpled paper, the computerized writer has his mistakes neatly stored in digital memory. P.J. O’Rourke (via The Passive Voice) A Writing Tip If one or more of your characters in your novels or short stories … Read more

The Journal: Save This Post

In today’s Journal * Save This Post * Of Interest * The Numbers Save This Post If you’re still on the fence about whether to purchase Affinity Publisher and/or the Affinity Revolution full course for how to use publisher, I recommend you keep this post. I might talk again about using or learning Affinity Publisher, but I probably won’t list the links again (see below). I’m still working my way through the so-called “beginners” course on Affinity Publisher. I’ve slowed down a little because as I come to things I don’t already know but that interest me, I’m applying and … Read more