The Journal, Friday, 7/7

Hey Folks, Long post today. Sorry about that. But I think you’ll like most of it. I’ve been a bit remiss in not mentioning another bundle that contains one of DWS’ SF books. The Sci-Fi July Fever Fun bundle is on sale at I’m not in this one, but if you enjoy great SF, it’s bound to please. Topic: “Real” Books vs. Ebooks On my Facebook pages, I recently announced the BundleRabbit bundle (Guns of the West) that includes two of my books, two of DWS’ books, and one each by five other writers. (You can see it at … Read more

The Journal, Wednesday, 7/5

Hey Folks, If you like good westerns, two of my books are currently in the Guns of the West Bundle. Dean Wesley Smith also has two books in this bundle, plus there are books by 5 other writers. This is an excellent opportunity to get 9 amazing tales of the wild west for one low price. Visit Okay, I’ve mentioned a time or two a couple of other writers who currently have ongoing “writing in public” challenges. To watch their challenges unfold and support their efforts, visit these websites: Linda Maye Adams at Christopher Ridge at Topic: … Read more