The Journal, Monday, 10/9

Hey Folks, Well, we had a good visit with our youngest son and our oldest grandson. Also very much enjoyed watching the baseball games yesterday, especially Cleveland at New York. Even though Cleveland chose to put off sending New York home until today or until they make them travel back to Cleveland first. (grin) Today it’s back to writing. For anyone who cares about nominal personal nonsense, today is also my last day as a cigar smoker. I have three left, including the 1/3 that’s currently clenched between my teeth. I figured it’s only fair to my wife that I … Read more

The Journal, Saturday, 9/30

Hey Folks, Rolled out slightly after 3 this morning and went straight to email and then Facebook. As a result of one article in one of the several e-newsletters I receive each morning, I found a topic. My reading and then writing the topic below formed the start for the day. We have a trip planned to Sierra Vista a little later this morning. Between now and then, I hope to write a bit of fiction. Topic: Try And vs. Try To First, a disclaimer — When people are speaking in real life (or characters in dialogue in a fiction) … Read more

The Journal, Friday, 9/15

Hey Folks, Welp, I started the day closer to my usual time. I read a lot (see “Of Interest”) and then checked Dean’s site. Much of his post for today is a rehash of the previous couple of days, so it didn’t make “Of Interest,” but parts of it keyed something in me. So I wrote the topic for today. Actually, I also wrote the topic for tomorrow (I won’t count those words until tomorrow). I had so much fun with the latter, I decided to cross post that one to the main blog where it will appear on September … Read more

The Journal, Monday, 8/7

Hey Folks, A little under the weather today. Nothing serious, just blah. Not sure how much writing I’ll get done, if any. Feels like a day of doing zip. I added my most recent novel, a whodunit mystery, to the website. You can see it at Topic: Ebook Editors (actually, formatting programs) This stuff was going to go into “Of Interest” but it’s too important. Especially for those who are new to ebook publishing or thinking about ebook publishing. If you fit either of those categories, or if you are frustrated with your current formatting process or software, here … Read more

The Journal, Sunday, 7/23

Hey Folks, Well, my kitten is all right. I won’t go into details, but my wife and I considered putting off our trip (with nonrefundable hotel stays already paid for) to stay here with her. Thanks to my bride for considering doing that. (She brought the subject up.) I’m always torn when I (or we) leave. It’s better for Bit and the other two babies to stay here in familiar surroundings. But it’s always difficult on me, being away from her for any length of time. I’ve never been quite selfish enough to take her with me, but I’ve been … Read more

The Journal, Thursday, 6/29

Hey Folks, I love to enter a room to find most common sense has fled. The absence makes me feel superior. Yeah, I need to stay away from Facebook more. (grin) Hey, both Christopher Ridge ( and Linda Maye Adams ( are taking on a major writing challenge at the moment. Visit their websites to follow along and support their efforts. I’ve also added a link to their pages on my main website under Readers’ Resources. Last night my brain was full and I thought I was finished with website stuff. Then I sat down and hovered my cursor over … Read more

The Journal, Monday, 6/26

Hey Folks, Wow. I could post this right now and chances are you’d find value in it. Just check out today’s “Of Interest” to see what I mean. There’s a lot there. *** By the way, I requested and received a “free website critique” of my main website from Nate Hoffelder. In a word, the guy’s legit. He’s also super helpful. My website doesn’t suck, but (to continue the analogy) he pointed out a few places where vacuum leaks exist or are forming. So I’ll take care of those over the next week or so. So once again I encourage … Read more