The Journal: Yesterday and Today

In today’s Journal * Quotes of the Day * Yesterday * Today * Of Interest * The Numbers Quotes of the Day “You will never hear James Lee Burke speak at a conference about how to market a novel, how to brand one’s work, or the importance of co-op money to the success of one’s sales. My father talks about writing not as a commercial enterprise, nor even as a craft or as art, but as a destiny.” Alafair Burke Via The Passive Voice, “We protest against unjust criticism, but we accept unearned applause.” Jose Narosky Odd to me that … Read more

The Journal: Preaching to the Choir (I Hope)

In today’s Journal * Quotes of the Day * Topic: Preaching to the Choir (I Hope) * Today * Of Interest * The Numbers Quotes of the Day “Many people hear voices when no one is there. Some of them are called “mad” and are shut up in rooms where they stare at the walls all day. Others are called “writers” and they do pretty much the same thing.” Ray Bradbury “I have some goals, but I’m going to mostly keep those to myself. Some of them are very high reaching, and I’ve learned that voicing them just gets criticism… … Read more

The Daily Journal, Tuesday, July 16

In today’s Journal * Update * Topic: A Tale of Two Businesses * Don’t miss * Daily diary * Of Interest * The numbers Update Light day yesterday. I watched/listened to one of the Pop-Ups I received through a Kickstarter reward (writing stuff). I also decided to invest in a second set of speakers for my computers. I’ll keep one set in the Hovel for those times when I’m studying writers’ stuff and one in the house for when my wife and I are listening to publishing and marketing and licensing stuff. Topic: A Tale of Two Businesses First and … Read more

The Daily Journal, Wednesday, April 3

In today’s Journal ▪ Dean’s “Great Challenge” ▪ My tutoring is still open ▪ Topic: Priorities ▪ Daily diary ▪ Of Interest (a lot of good links) ▪ The numbers Dean’s “Great Challenge” is still open for sign-ups. Frankly, I’m surprised. On the surface, the cost appears a little steep, but it’s basically free tutoring from Dean Wesley Smith. You can use your $600 for credit toward anything you want, and if you make at least 52 short stories in a row (one per week for a year) you get a lifetime subscription of your choice. If I was still … Read more

The Daily Journal, Saturday, March 16

In today’s Journal ▪ Repeating a reminder… ProWritersWriting blog ▪ Topic: On Character and Setting ▪ Daily diary ▪ Of Interest ▪ The numbers I thought I’d repeat this reminder… the PWW blog goes live on March 18. I believe this will be a valuable new resource. If you subscribed to through a “form” on the website in the early days, you need to subscribe again. I got rid of the form and that subscription service. Now you only have to click a link in the menu at the website. If you want to subscribe via RSS, you can … Read more

The Daily Journal, Tuesday, March 12

In today’s Journal ▪ Topic: Reader Taste Revisited ▪ Daily diary ▪ Of Interest ▪ The numbers Topic: Reader Taste Revisited Well, I started a minor firestorm with my offhand comment in my post “On Readers’ ‘Taste’ and Writers’ Ability” over at…-writers-ability/. (grin) The point of the article was based on a simple but solid premise: that all fiction writers who are (or profess to be or want to be) professionals are responsible for their own work and should strive to learn how to keep readers in their stories. After all, if every unfinished reading experience can be marked … Read more

The Daily Journal, Thursday, February 28

In today’s Journal ▪ Quote of the Day ▪ Topic: Words ▪ Daily diary ▪ Of Interest ▪ The numbers Via the Passive Guy, the quote of the day: “Tomorrow may be hell, but today was a good writing day, and on the good writing days nothing else matters.” ~ Neil Gaiman Topic: Words Words are our friends, writers. There have been many bits of advice handed down over the years, sometimes from “on high” by writers who have Made It. Like Stephen King famously writing “The path to hell is paved with adverbs” or Samuel Clemens’ admonition to hunt … Read more

The Daily Journal, Tuesday, February 19

In today’s Journal ▪ Please read this, and update on PWW ▪ Of Interest ▪ The numbers Please read this. Looking back, I wish I’d set up this blog with only an excerpt via email from the beginning. Folks are just more likely to comment on the blog if they’re reading it on the website itself. Of course, I tried the experiment of going to a click-through model with the Journal, but most respondents didn’t like it, so I switched back. And don’t get me wrong. I don’t blame them. The format of the Journal isn’t conducive to excerpts. For … Read more

The Daily Journal, Tuesday, February 12

In today’s Journal ▪ The WIP ▪ The daily diary ▪ Of Interest ▪ The numbers Weird. As I close in on the end of the WIP (I don’t know what the end will be and it’s probably still some 20,000 words in the future) I seem to be writing it in spurts. Again, every book writes differently, but this is a huge difference for me. It seems every time I sit down my fingers fly over the keyboard. Yet at the end of the day I have fewer words done than I expected. It’s true that I’ve absented myself … Read more

The Daily Journal, Monday, February 4

Hey Folks, In today’s Journal ▪ An opportunity for a free writing webinar ▪ Topic: Ramblings on a Minor Crisis ▪ The daily diary ▪ A LOT in Of Interest ▪ The numbers According to the latest Reedsy newsletter, there’s a new live webinar this Wednesday (Bebruary 6) at 2 p.m. eastern time. Ann Leslie Tuttle, who “spent over 20 years as an editor at Harlequin, the world’s leading publisher of romance,” will present “What Makes the Perfect Romance.” For more information or to register, visit Did I say it’s free? *** Topic: Ramblings on a Minor Crisis Yesterday … Read more