The Daily Journal, Tuesday, February 12

In today’s Journal ▪ The WIP ▪ The daily diary ▪ Of Interest ▪ The numbers Weird. As I close in on the end of the WIP (I don’t know what the end will be and it’s probably still some 20,000 words in the future) I seem to be writing it in spurts. Again, every book writes differently, but this is a huge difference for me. It seems every time I sit down my fingers fly over the keyboard. Yet at the end of the day I have fewer words done than I expected. It’s true that I’ve absented myself … Read more

The Daily Journal, Tuesday, February 5

Hey Folks, In today’s Journal ▪ First readers (revisited, briefly) ▪ Looking for experts ▪ On being a grouch ▪ Topic: How I Hit on What to Write Next ▪ I added the “Eight Tricks” link… ▪ The daily diary ▪ Of Interest ▪ The numbers As usual, I overexplained about first readers. Let me try to fix it. All it takes to be a good first reader is to read for pleasure, as if you aren’t supposed to give any feedback. You aren’t a teacher reading an assignment. You’re a reader, reading for enjoyment. You aren’t editing or proofreading. … Read more