On Believing in Yourself

In today’s Journal * Prelude to a Co-Authored Post * On Believing in Yourself * Of Interest (nothing) * The Numbers Prelude to a Co-Authored Post I admit, I’ve been WITD so long (and it makes so much sense to me) that I honestly don’t understand when other writers don’t get it. Or why some are so strongly opposed to even the notion that it might work despite their—hmm, reluctance? No. Reluctance isn’t a strong-enough word. Refusal. No, staunch refusal. That’s it— Despite their outright, adamant, arms-crossed, feet firmly planted, frowning, Staunch Refusal to even try it. And despite the … Read more

Kill All Your Darlings?

In today’s Journal * Unbelievable Quote of the Day * The Bradbury Challenge Writers Reporting * Kill All Your Darlings? * Of Interest * The Numbers Unbelievable Quote of the Day “South Korea announces it will restart loudspeaker broadcasts of anti-North Korea messages over the border following North Korea’s delivery of an additional 330 trash- and sewage-filled balloons into South Korea ” 1440 Daily Digest Now children! (Seems to me somebody needs to grow the hell up.) The Bradbury Challenge Writers Reporting A new writer jumped into the Challenge this week. Everyone welcome Vanessa V. Kilmer. (grin) During the past … Read more

Murder, and a Litte More on Openings

In today’s Journal * Quote of the Day * Correction * A New Short Story * The Novel * A Little More on Openings * Of Interest * The Numbers Quote of the Day “Writing is like any other art form. It is consuming and doesn’t much care about clocks.” Dean Wesley Smith Correction One astute reader pointed out that In yesterday’s Of Interest, I failed to make the link to Vin Zandri’s YouTube video live. I’ve corrected that oversight in Of Interest in today’s edition. A New Short Story “The Ethics of Murder” went live yesterday on my Stanbrough … Read more