The Journal, Wednesday, February 28

Hey Folks, Well, there y’go. Last day of the month. I’m pretty sure I won’t finish my novel today, so I guess I’ll miss putting one out in February. (grin) Well, I won’t write a whole novel during February, but I published one yesterday. That’s the cover over there on the left. Came out okay, especially given that I’m considerably out of practice. I rolled out early this morning for some reason, around 2 a.m. Of course, I checked Dean’s site. At the time there were about 20 hours left in the North by Northwest Kickstarter. So I dropped in … Read more

The Journal, Tuesday, February 27

Hey Folks, Guess it’s a good thing I got off my fanny yesterday with only three days left in the month (two now). (grin) It’s good to be writing again, playing with my little imaginary friends. I have other things I have to get done today, but I plan to write as well. *** Well, I ended up doing those other things instead of writing. I did write a little, but not enough to count. And I remembered that my previous novel, Keeper of the Promise, was not yet published. Sigh. I actually forgot about it. So I searched images, … Read more

The Journal, Monday, February 26

Hey Folks, In “Of Interest” today is an interesting article titled “Micro-Progress Your Novel.” Despite the high-falutin’ title, the article is all about eating an elephant one bite at a time. Instead of trying to “write a novel” (which the author of the post calls a “daunting prospect”), the idea is to set a series of smaller goals, like writing for a particular length of time (or number of words) per day or writing a scene. Or, I suppose, simply writing the next sentence. Sound familiar? Yeah, it sounds familiar to me too. But now that the process has a … Read more

The Journal, Sunday, February 25

Hey Folks, Well, I basically took a day off yesterday. There really was nothing to report, and not even anything to shove into the “Of Interest” section. Today’s a little different, but only a little, at least thus far. Good stuff in “Of Interest.” I’m a little mired, but in a kind of good way. I have at least two fresh novels I could be writing — one SF and one probably Mystery — but a new genre in which I want to write keeps sticking in my mind. Only thing is, I’m not quite ready yet to write in … Read more

The Journal, Friday, February 23

Hey Folks, The saga continues. I looked over several Mac laptops and frankly, they were all well out of my range currently. So I finally contacted Lenovo to see whether there was a way to manually disable the trackpad, since Bill The Godfaddah Gates decided I can no longer disable it through Windows. (Actually, if Gates knew what some mindless moron did, he probably would fire the guy.) The tech said to disable the trackpad, I had to either press fn+f6 or just f6. One of those would work, he said. Neither one worked. Then he said then obviously it … Read more

The Journal, Thursday, February 22

Hey Folks, I probably shouldn’t post anything today. Prepare for a slight rant. So, any former PC users out there who now use Apple computers? I’m in the midst of enduring the umpteenth (this year) “update” from Microsoft. Like all their other updates since the inception of Windows 10, this one is mandatory. I’m not good with that. I’m not good with being told some faceless company wants to update MY property and there’s nothing I can do about it. I guess I just don’t care for suppositories. I don’t like people who do things to me that I don’t … Read more

The Journal, Wednesday, February 21

Hey Folks, Well, a day of writing today I hope. Feeling a bit better I think, and not so much domestic stuff on my plate today. Just checking the PO later. I have a book coming in (grin). I’ll also have to spend some time with the kitten today. With the weather we’ve been having (extended rain and now ice cold) she hasn’t gotten to go outside much, and she is definitely a love-it-outside kind of a girl. She has that nice fur coat, but I’ve yet to find any gloves that will fit her, so I worry about her … Read more

The Journal, Tuesday, February 20

Hey Folks, After an intentional day off yesterday, I’m slowly getting back into the swing of things today. I started the day by finishing the copyedit of Mona’s memoir. She hasn’t come up with a title yet. When she does, and when it’s published, I’ll announce it here. Today I’ll write a bit of fiction. By the end of the day, I should know whether I’m in the mood to continue with The Age Exchange or move on to something else and save The Age Exchange for later. I won’t just toss it out completely. *** As one item in … Read more

The Journal, Monday, February 19

Hey Folks, There’s a lot of good stuff in “Of Interest” today, and this is a long post. Steel yourself. Well, my buddy and I got back a day early from camping. Actually, as rain clouds closed in, we climbed a hill, took a look at the horizon in all directions, and decided the better part of valor at the moment was retreat. (grin) So we hobbled back down to the campsite, packed up and hauled a… Um, I mean, departed the area. Sure enough, all the way back heavy rainclouds followed the Gila, west to east, off to our … Read more

The Journal, Friday, February 16

Hey Folks, My apology in advance for the long post. I promise, it’s worthwhile. After I signed off yesterday I listened to a few more videos from the “Writing Thrillers” workshop. Good stuff. Today I’ll probably finish the workshop, then work on some new book pages for StoneThread Publishing. Eventually, each major book we publish will have its own page. The pages for the novels and short story collections (or most of them) are finished. I only need to add a few of those and then code a new page for each nonfiction book. But back to the workshop for … Read more