The Journal, Friday, November 30

Hey Folks, Last day of the month already! In November! In 2018! What in the world happened? How is it not still the 1980s? Okay, long post today. But I think you’ll find it interesting. My new favorite quote: “Stages of development’ are for people who write one book a year.” — Robert J. Randisi (who is one year older than I and has written over 600 novels). Topic: Genre Structure Recently my first reader made a few recommendations that, had I applied them, would have switched the first two genre tags of my novel Consequences. The genre tags are … Read more

The Journal, Thursday, November 29

Hey Folks, Well, yesterday was a very productive day, though not in writing. The trip to Sierra Vista took only a couple of hours. When I got back I activated my new phone, which is about the size of the flight deck on a small aircraft carrier. (grin) Then I played around with it for a little while. Afterward I read over the very valuable comments of my first reader on Nick 4 (Consequences) and applied most of them. Finally I uploaded the document to D2D, Amazon and Smashwords. It’s available at all three places for pre-ordering, and it will … Read more

The Journal, Wednesday, November 28

Hey Folks, This might be the earliest I’ve ever posted an edition of the Journal. Today will be a non-writing day. I wasn’t able to go to Sierra Vista yesterday, so I’m going this morning while it’s too cold for my babies to go outside and play. When I get back, in addition to setting up my new phone, I’ll return to Nick 4 for awhile. My wonderful first reader got her input back to me this morning. So I want to finalize Nick 4 and upload the finalized document to all the right places. That novel doesn’t release until … Read more

The Journal, Tuesday, November 27

Hey Folks, A new favorite quote: “Don’t ever write anything you don’t like yourself and if you do like it, don’t take anyone’s advice about changing it. They just don’t know.” — Raymond Chandler And another one: “The more you reason the less you create.” — Raymond Chandler Topic: Learning and Being Remminded Professional athletes, first responders and others work in occupations where strength and flexibility are necessary. For those who are conscientious in those jobs, training and exercise never stop. If they do, strength and flexibility reach a plateau, then begin to decline. Muscles begin to atrophy as they … Read more

The Journal, Monday, November 26

Hey Folks, I thought I’d found a new writers resource in an “author and writing teacher” named Marilynn Byerly. So I went to her blog. No books were listed, so I did a search for her name on Amazon. I found only 6 novels listed. That kind of put a damper on things. I returned to her blog and read a few articles. Frankly, I was hoping lightning would strike and that I would find it a valuable resource. Umm, nope. Just regurgitation of the same old stuff I’ve heard for years in public school, stale writers’ groups, etc. Nor … Read more

The Journal, Sunday, November 25

Hey Folks, I was in touch with Dean. He assured me he’s dealing with a problem he’s never encountered before as he attempts his challenge to write 10 novels in 100 days while coming off a major life roll and tries to get into shape. I’m not ashamed to admit I was probably wrong in my musings yesterday about his dilemma. It isn’t difficult to be humble in the presence of greatness. He and Kris are working through the problem. I have no doubt they’ll succeed in discovering and overcoming whatever it is. He also assured me he’ll keep us … Read more

The Journal, Saturday, November 24

Hey Folks, If you remember, Dean Wesley Smith had a challenge during which he proposed writing 10 novels in 100 days. At first it faltered, so he restarted it. Now, in “Of Interest” below, he’s announced it’s faltered again. (Actuallly, he says it’s “still going on” but then says the restart didn’t work well.) I wish him luck on the re-restart, whenever it happens. I suspect he will successfully complete this challenge once he gets going on it. I can’t know because I’m not there, but I wonder whether Dean’s feeling overwhelmed by the project and allowing his conscious mind … Read more

The Journal, Friday, November 23

Hey Folks, Another short day, probably. No worries. I was in the Hovel by 3, though after the gorging yesterday around noon, I wasn’t in much of a mood to do anything productive. (grin) But I do mean “gorge,” at least for me. We ate Thanksgiving dinner around noon yesterday, and after that had a couple of hours to settle over some TV. (I still can’t get back into the NFL after all the flap, so that was off the table.) We watched a few episodes of a Brit mystery/comedy, and then I got up to get dessert. Understand, as … Read more

The Journal, Thursday, November 22

Hey Folks, Probably a short day today, but I decided to get some writing done. To the Hovel at 4, where I spent a little time looking for items for “Of Interest.” There isn’t a lot today. Got a good session done, then a break up to the house to see when my wife wanted me to start cooking my part of The Meal. (grin) Back to the Hovel and the novel, with apologies to my wife who’s already slaving away. Just difficult to leave the novel when it’s flowing so well. Two more good sessions, and it’s back to … Read more

The Journal, Wednesday, November 21

Hey Folks, I hope each of you in America will enjoy your Thanksgiving Day tradition tomorrow. For those of you who do not live in the US, I hope you will pass a peaceful and lucrative day of your own, filled with joy and productivity. *** Time for another gentle reminder. From time to time, I hit upon a URL that’s so useful, so informative, so educational for fiction writers of all stripes, that I add it to one or more of the Writers Resources links on my main website. For a free education, please take time to visit … Read more