The Journal, Tuesday, October 16

Hey Folks, Raining here today. Drizzling, really, as the dregs of one hurricane or another move northeast from Baja. And I do mean drizzling. In the past four days, we’ve received an accumulation (in the rain gauge) of only 1.5″ of rain. Oh well. Here in the desert southwest, we really need the moisture. And the cooler temps are nice, to be sure. It just makes my commute (about 200 feet to and from the Adobe Hovel) a bit tricky. And of course, the constant overcast and the requisite cuddly sweat jacket would make it very easy to snuggle with … Read more

The Journal, Monday, October 15

Hey Folks, Half the month is gone. I’ve written fiction only one day this month, and that was ill-advised. Still, it is what it is. I hope all of you are having a better month writing than I am. (grin) But today all of that changes. I’m feeling much better overall. I realized yesterday I didn’t get tired as quickly or as early in the day. I’ve learned new ways of getting dressed without assistance, and yesterday for the first time since the operation I was able to wash my entire body in the shower without assistance. Woohoo! Maybe most … Read more

The Journal, Sunday, October 14

Hey Folks, I hope I’ll be writing fiction again soon. Maybe not today. Possibly tomorrow. Almost certainly during the upcoming week. The Passive Guy today wrote a post (in “Of Interest”) regarding politics. It is compelling. It has little if anything to do with writing or politics, but it has a great deal to do with writers and with the political polarization that began almost twelve years ago and is currently ongoing in this nation. His post also keyed me to write a long post of my own. On reflection, I removed most of it to another, more appropriate venue. … Read more

The Journal, Saturday, October 13

Hey Folks, I set out to do nothing yesterday, and I almost succeeded. I wrote a short blog post for the big blog, but otherwise played with old stories. One of my favorite short story collections (of my own) is Mobster Tales. I don’t know how many other readers enjoy those, but I do. (grin) And that’s important, for reasons that will become clear as you read on. Yesterday, while browsing files, I remembered a story I wrote titled “What Happened That Day.” It’s high up on my list of favorite stories, so I read over it. Then I realized … Read more

The Journal, Thursday, October 11

Hey Folks, Wow. I rolled out (actually, I “sat up” as I’ve been sleeping in a recliner) really late this morning to the sounds of my wife releasing the hound and the cat from their kennel-beds at 5 a.m. I’ve usually been up an hour or two before then. And Wow #2, I’m pretty obviously not ready to return to my usual schedule yet. I planned to alter my routine a bit this morning. I was going to move my writing ‘puter to the outside desk instead of all the way out to the Hovel. Moving it out there yesterday … Read more

The Journal, Wednesday, October 10

Hey Folks, Back to writing today. When the sun is up and I know the babies are safe inside or in the yard, I’ll head out to the Hovel. I still run out of steam after only a few hours, so I want to spend those hours putting words on the page. I can rest after that. (grin) In the meantime, there are a lot of great posts in “Of Interest” today. *** To the Hovel a little after 8. It was enjoyable to see my old friends again. I spent some time going over the reverse outline and updating … Read more

The Journal, Tuesday, October 9

Hey Folks, Well, again today we’re off to see the wizard (cardio-electrician). That will happen early this afternoon. Then on November 1, I’ll have a followup with the cardio-plumber who implanted a stent. After that, I suspect I’ll be allowed to relax back into the semi-annual checkup routine. As far as I know, today the tech will check the implanted device. Then someone will check the stitches on the incision and tell me what I can and can’t do for the next few weeks and on into the future. I’m actually looking forward to that part of the conversation. I … Read more

The Journal, Monday, October 8

Hey Folks, Well, I just start thinking I’m posting way too much stuff about my current situation when I get a kind email saying some of you appreciate it. Thanks, I needed that. (grin) Still, maybe it’s at least time to mix in some other things. It’s bitterly cold here this morning (at 43°) under a crystal clear sky full of stars. But no wind, so it isn’t all that bad. And I keep reminding myself, this year, for the first time ever (having been a desert rat most of my life), I actually looked forward to cooler weather. Still, … Read more

The Journal, Sunday, October 7

Hey Folks, Nothing to report. Absolutely nothing. The healing continues. Despite somewhat forced and mostly continual practice, I’m not getting any better at Doing Nothing. But I guess I’ll keep practicing for awhile yet. On the up side, my bath robe fits a little better every day. I’m also binge-watching episodes of The Sopranos and getting back in touch with some of my earlier characters. So sayeth the grouch. And if this brings a chuckle to your visage, Hey, good f’you. Talk with you again soon. Of Interest See James Scott Bell’s “Mastering the Four Modes of Fiction” at … Read more

The Journal, Saturday, October 6

Hey Folks, A lot of items in “Of Interest” today, some older just in case you missed them. I have a new favorite quote, culled from Joe Hartlaub’s post at the Kill Zone blog: “Grandparents and grandchildren have a special relationship, given that they have a common enemy.” (grin) Isn’t that wonderful? The operation went well (Thursday), with a couple of post-op glitches, natch. But long story short, I’m on the mend. A few days of extreme caution so I don’t pull any wires loose and then a few weeks of sort-of caution as my body gets over the physical … Read more