Mostly Dean Koontz

In today’s Journal * Quotes of the Day * Mostly Dean Koontz * Cuts Are Ugly * Of Interest Quotes of the Day “I used to write from outlines. But when I wrote Strangers, which ended up having an enormous cast and being about a quarter of a million words, I decided not to do an outline and just start with the premise and a couple of interesting characters. I decided to wing it, and it was the best decision. I’ve never used an outline since.” Dean Koontz “If the character doesn’t work in the first 20 pages, you might … Read more

The Journal: The Novel Wrapped, But

In today’s Journal * The Novel Wrapped, But * Of Interest * The Numbers Well, the first Wes Crowley gap novel, Assignment: Brownsville, wrapped as a short novel at 36,000 words. Per usual, I ran a spell check and sent it off to my first readers. The thing is (as I keep saying), every novel writes differently. No more than maybe five minutes after I sent this one out to my first readers I experienced the overpowering urge to pull it back and add a chapter (late in the story) in which the POV switches to the bad guy down … Read more