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Quote of the Day

“A quick search of the publishing category on Kickstarter, sorted for active campaigns, showed me book projects that have funded and brought in (so far) anywhere from $50,000 to $500. The bulk of these are in the $10,000 category per novel … which is, roughly, what any new writer can expect from traditional publishing these days.” Kristine Kathryn Rusch

The Final Brandon Sanderson Post

If you don’t read anything else today, be sure to visit and read Kris Rusch’s “The Final Brandon Sanderson Post.”

Then, after you’ve read Kris’ post, don’t be me. Be smart about writing as a business.

If you haven’t already taken WMG Publishing’s absolutely free Kickstarter Best Practices class, visit, click on the class and sign up. It should be the first course on the left on the top row.

If you HAVE already taken the course, you might want to review it as a refresher. Then go to Kickstarter, put together a campaign, and make some money.

In other news, Dean Wesley Smith has extended WMG Publishing’s workshop sale through this Sunday evening. For details, see the link in “Of Interest.”

Still writing. If this trend continues I’ll start reporting all my numbers again soon.

Odd to think that only eight years ago tomorrow I wrote my first ever short story into the dark. That story was “Consuela.” If you’re curious, you can read it free at Consuela. Clicking the link will enable a PDF download than you can then open and read.

Talk with you again soon.

Of Interest

See “Workshop Sale Extended (until Sunday evening)” at

Disclaimer: In this blog, I provide advice on writing fiction. I advocate a technique called Writing Into the Dark. To be crystal clear, WITD is not “the only way” to write, nor will I ever say it is. However, as I am the only writer who advocates WITD both publicly and regularly, I will continue to do so, among myriad other topics.

2 thoughts on “The Journal: The Final Brandon Sanderson Post”

  1. I still find it strange how many authors reacted with disbelief, outrage, and not a little bit of envy after Brandon’s Kickstarter blowout.

    Understandable, on some level, but strange.

    I’d have thought that seeing an author making that kind of haul would be great news for everybody. It means there’s readers willing to buy in to written works.

    It means that the platform itself can be viable for authors (albeit at much smaller scales for us mortals, but with that many zeroes involved we can give away a few of them).

    It should be great news for any authors running Kickstarters in the near future. Readers read and buyers buy. If you’re wanting to get paid, all you have to do is put your net into that stream of money flowing towards Kickstarter.

    If a person can’t be excited about another author’s success, how are they going to respond should it happen to them? Jealousy and envy and despair never got anybody anywhere good.

    • Yes, probably a much smaller scale for us mere mortals, but as Kris mentioned in her article, everything depends on whether you’re willing and able to build your reader base. The big takeaway for me is that the barrier is broken. Writers who apply themselves WILL make money on Kickstarter. In my world, even the thought of 42 million (or even 1 million) doesn’t really exist. But I see nothing at all wrong with making a few hundred or a few thousand.

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