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Quotes of the Day

“To be clear, PG isn’t saying that every pirate site for free [or cheap] ebooks is infected with malware, but enough are that it’s a good idea to stay away from all of them….” The Passive Guy

“Because it goes to a very fundamental principle of all nations, which is that our borders should be inviolate, and that our sovereignty should be respected.” Jonathan Finer, a White House deputy national-security adviser, on why Americans should care about what’s happening in Ukraine. (As a long-time legal resident of southern Arizona I can only say LOLOLOLOL…∞)

You Can Comment on Journal Posts

A new writer friend emailed me recently to say, in part, “I engage more when there are comment sections….” So for anyone who didn’t know it, you can leave a comment on any Journal post.

For your convenience, I include the entire post in the email version. I personally don’t like reading only a partial post in an email. It’s annoying to have to click a link that takes me to the relevant website to read the rest of the post, so I won’t do that to you.

That said, comments are always much appreciated because I enjoy the interaction and because they lead to more views by more readers. But there is no “comment” link in the email version.

If you’d like to leave a comment, you have to visit the website. The easiest way to do that is to click either the title of the post in your email or the link to “Read in browser” near the bottom of the email.

Clicking either of those will open the website. Then you have only to scroll down, enter the text of your comment in the large gold box, and click “Post Comment.” If you don’t see a large gold box when you scroll down, click “Leave a Comment” and one will appear.

Talk with you again soon.

Of Interest

See “China isn’t our only intellectual piracy problem” at Skip the article if you want to, but read PG’s take.

See “This Review Should Not Exist” at Again, see PG’s take.

Disclaimer: In this blog, I provide advice on writing fiction. I advocate a technique called Writing Into the Dark. To be crystal clear, WITD is not “the only way” to write, nor will I ever say it is. However, as I am the only writer who advocates WITD both publicly and regularly, I will continue to do so, among myriad other topics.

6 thoughts on “The Journal: You Can Comment”

  1. Got it!

    For all the similar software out there, it is still an individual adventure to visit and comment on a new site.

    Clicking the ‘view this email in your browser’ link is NOT the same as clicking on the title (a little further down in the email) – but obviously I figured it out.

    I also provide the full text of my posts in the emails that go out – it’s easier for the reader, though it leads to fewer comments. As I said to my youngest daughter, ‘Six of one, seven and a half of the other.” That was after the brain damage from ME/CFS, and we laughed so hard we still remember it almost twenty years later. At the time she looked at me as if I’d lost my mind when the second half of the aphorism came up wrong.

    Comments are the benefit of the internet. I moderate the first one, after Akismet gets the obviously wrong, and that has served me since I started blogging in 2012.

    I realize that people who put their thoughts on the page are already a self-identified minority, but I’m met and followed and read lots of worthwhile ideas and conversations. It seems there are fewer comments – I blame tiny phone keyboards.

    TPV is great for PG’s wry take on things literary and lawyerly, always a good addition to the huge numbers of posts he provides. And he has, among other things, kept me very wary of traditional publishing contracts, along with Kris and Dean, so he’s probably already saved me gobs of money.

    • Hi Alicia. Thanks for the comment. Yes, I should have written in my instructions, “Your results might vary.” Both links worked the same for me (meaning both led me to the URL for this particular post), but obviously don’t for everyone. I strongly advocate publishing-business advice from Kris Rusch.

      Re marketing, “write the next book” (my advice) is not the most common advice I’ve seen “out there.” Most marketing advice has to do with everything but writing: social media, a “platform,” spending ad dollars wisely, etc. Awhile back in a post on TKZ, my friend Garry Rodgers touted a particular book that he said helped him immensely with marketing. I forget the name of it, but if I find that post again I’ll re-list a link to itt in an upcoming “Of Interest.”

      • Hi Harvey – I wonder if the marketing book was one of David Gaughran’s books. Maybe Amazon Decoded? I haven’t read it but I’ve seen it talked about a lot, and I feel like maybe he talked about it at TKZ.

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