Harvey Stanbrough

Harvey Stanbrough is an award-winning writer and poet who writes across most genres under several names. He’s fond of saying he was born in New Mexico, seasoned in Texas, and baked in Arizona.

Harvey follows Heinlein’s Rules avidly and most often may be found Writing Off Into the Dark. He has written and published ten novels and a novella, hundreds of poems, well over a hundred short stories, and more than twenty collections of short fiction. For a comprehensive look at Harvey’s work, visit HarveyStanbrough.com or his publisher at StoneThreadPublishing.com.

Having discovered Heinlein’s Rules and a technique called Writing Off Into the Dark, Harvey began writing his his debut novel, Leaving Amarillo, on October 19, 2014. He released it the following month, and he’s never looked back. It and the rest of the 9 book series continues to receive rave reviews.

Harvey also has written and published hundreds of poems and five acclaimed poetry collections, dozens of articles and essays, and fourteen nonfiction books and ebooks on writing, one of which won fifth place (of over 125,000 entries) in the Education Category for the Book of the Year Award at BookExpo America in New York in 2006.

Harvey’s works have been nominated for the Frankfurt (Germany) Book Fair Award, the Foreword Magazine Engraver’s Award, the Pushcart Prize, the BEA (NY) Book of the Year Award and the National Book Award.

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