As a way of paying forward what I’ve learned to other writers, I’m offering a limited number of mentorships for only $25 (US) per month.

Each mentorship lasts one month minimum and up to three months maximum.

I reserve the right to limit the number of students I work with at any one time. Unlike my previous mentorships, these are completely unstructured and are driven strictly by the student.

Features of the Mentorship

▪A work in progress (WIP) is required. Please don’t subscribe to a mentorship until you have a work in progress or are willing to start one.

▪ Ask me anything across all craft and non-craft topics as they pertain to your WIP.

▪ I recommend you allow me to review and report back on at least one opening and two non-opening scenes per month from your current WIP or from a new one.

▪ When requested, please send any stories or assignments in either .doc, .docx or .rtf format. (I will comment directly on the story or assignment using the Track Changes feature.)

▪ I’ll also assign specific projects if necessary to improve particular aspects of your craft. Not mandatory but highly recommended.

Payments — Students may pay via PayPal by clicking the Subscribe button near the bottom of this page. If you’d rather, you may pay by personal check. Make it out to Harvey Stanbrough and mail it to PO Box 604, Saint David AZ 85630-0604.

Additional Notes

▪ In the context of this page, “work in progress” or WIP means a short story, novella, novel, or novel series.

▪ Each mentorship is conducted via email so that both I and the writer will have a record of all exchanges.

▪ All mentorships begin on the day payment is received and end one month from that day unless the student continues the mentorship.

▪ The student may continue the mentorship at $25 per month for up to three months. Beginning with the fourth month, the price increases to $35 per month. (This is to dissuade extended mentorships and encourage the student-writer to absorb the mentorship information.)

▪ Either the student or I may discontinue the mentorship at any time.

Feel free to download this free PDF copy of Craft and Non-Craft Topics to Stir Thought. When you click the link, a blank screen will open and the document will download automatically.