New Mentorships

Mentorships and Extended Q & A

To pay forward to other writers what I’ve learned, I offer my free instructional Journal. For those who want more directed learning, I offer two resources:

▪a limited number of Mentorships for only $25 (US) per month, and

▪an unlimited number of Extended Q & A sessions for $15 per month.

Features of the Mentorship

▪Each Mentorship lasts one month minimum.

▪Mentorships are fully interactive and might include critiques (of craft, not content), copyedits, free copies of my how-to books, and assignments. For this reason, I reserve the right to limit the number of students I work with at any one time.

▪Unlike my previous mentorships, these are completely unstructured and are driven strictly by the student.

▪If you’re working on a craft topic, I suggest you have a work in progress or be willing to start one.

▪ You may ask me anything across all craft and non-craft topics as they pertain to writing or publishing.

▪ Openings are a particular weakness for many writers. I’m more than happy to review and report back on at least one opening scene per month.

▪ I’ll might assign specific projects if necessary to improve particular aspects of your craft. The projects are ot mandatory but are highly recommended.

▪ When requested, please send any stories or assignments in either .doc, .docx or .rtf format. (I will comment directly on the story or assignment using the Track Changes feature.)

▪ The mentorship may continue as long as the student and I agree. Either the student or I may discontinue the mentorship at any time.

Features of the Q & A

▪Each Extended Q & A lasts one month minimum.

▪The writer may ask up to 5 questions per month via email, each with one follow-up question, regarding craft or writing technique.

▪I will respond as thoroughly as possible. My response might sometimes contain links to posts I’ve written on the topic.

▪ The student may convert the Q & A to a Mentorship at any time.

The Fine Print

  1. Each Mentorship and Extended Q & A is conducted via email so that both I and the student will have a record of all exchanges. However, the content of all email exchanges—NOT to include any fiction written by the student—is my sole intellectual property. I grant license to the student and his or her significant other for the private use of that content.
  2. Each Mentorship and Extended Q & A begins on the day payment is received and ends one month from that date unless the student continues the mentorship. I will never reveal in any venue or format students’ names, email addresses or other personal information.


By PayPalEither click the Subscribe button near the bottom of this page to establish a recurring $25 or $15 monthly payment (if you’re certain you want the mentorship to run longer than one month),

OR click the Donate button at the very bottom of this page to make a one-time payment of $25 or $15. If you choose that method, and if you want the mentorship to continue, you’ll have to make a new payment each month.

By Personal Check Make your check for $25 or $15 payable to Harvey Stanbrough and mail it to PO Box 604, Saint David AZ 85630-0604. Again, if you want the mentorship to continue, you’ll have to make another payment each month.

Feel free to download this free PDF copy of Craft and Non-Craft Topics to Stir Thought. Note: I no longer offer structured mentorships such as those mentioned in this handout. All mentorships are student-driven. I provide this document only as a catalyst for thought.

If you’d rather, you can pay for one month of Mentorship ($25) or Extended Q & A ($15) by clicking the Donate button below. Again, thank you!