Quieting the Critical Voice

Hi Folks,

Below, in the correct sequence, are the Journal entries that contain the topics that will become the nonfiction book How to Quiet the Critical Mind.

Some of these will read a little oddly at first. I suggest you click the link below, then search for “Topic,” and read that. I also recommend you read them in order.

For those of you who want the book, it should be available by the end of July, maybe sooner.

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How to Quiet the Critical Voice


Chapter 1 (Recognizing the Critical Voice “Prep” Delays)

Chapter 2 (Recognizing the Critical Voice Post-Prep Delays)

Chapter 3 (Recognizing the Critical Voice Writing and Pre-Publication Delays)

Chapter 3 Extension (Recognizing the Critical Voice Writing and Pre-Publication Delays [Extension])

Chapter 4 (Attacking the List)

Chapter 5 (A Digression)

Chapter 6 (Paying Your Dues — What’s That Mean?)

Chapter 7 (Following Heinlein’s Rules and Writing Into the Dark [WITD])

Chapter 8 (Cycling)

Chapter 9 (Now What?)

Chapter 10 (Creating and Using a Reverse Outline)

Chapter 11 (Turning the Fear Around)

Chapter 12 (The “Requirements” of Writing Into the Dark)

Chapter 13 (Publishing Your Work [or Submitting it for Publication])

Chapter 14 (My Own Stages of Becoming a Fiction Writer)