The Journal: A Note From My Mother, and Naysayers

In today’s Journal * Quote of the Day * Sorry… but * Topic: A Note From My Mother * Bonus Topic: Don’t Listen to the Naysayers (and Don’t Be One) * Today * Of Interest * The Numbers Quote of the Day “Importance is the worst thing you can put on any kind of creativity. As soon as you think it’s important, you’re dead.” Jerry Seinfeld Topic: A Note From My Mother if I had one with me as I appear before you again, would read, “Please excuse Harvey’s recent absence. But just so you know, he is untenable so … Read more

The Journal, Monday, October 14

In today’s Journal * Well, my mind * Topic: In Defense of Being a Prolific Writer * Today * Of Interest * The Numbers Well, my mind is apparently going. (grin) Spurred-on by a series of comments I read elsewhere, I wrote a really long essay a week or so ago. It was too long for a single topic, so I decided to break it into a few separate topics. You saw the first one on October 7 (“POV: Point of View”) and the second on October 8 (“Stick to Your Guns”). The third came on October 9 (“Pro, Hobbyist, … Read more