The Daily Journal, Thursday, June 13

In today’s Journal * I’m back * A solid recommendation * Quotes of the day * Possibly a New Endeavor * Topic: On Taking Time Off * Daily diary * Of Interest (a ton of good stuff) * The numbers I’m back. I actually got back late yesterday morning, but I had a lot of email etc. to catch up on, so I let yesterday’s post go as it was. (grin) At least you got a topic, eh? Eh? (grin) Good to be back around you folks. Thanks for hanging around. The break was good. My buddy said he came … Read more

The Journal, Sunday, May 27

Hey Folks, Well, summer is here. Not only temperature-wise but with the earlier sunrises. I like that. With the advent of earlier sunrises, my wife and I can get back to walking in the early morning. We walk for time at the beginning. About 12 minutes out, then whatever time it takes to get back. Later, as I get in better shape and my weight starts to readjust a bit, we’ll increase the time out. I’ve written a lengthy two-part topic on Ebook Distribution. A comment I ran across on another blog set me off. I think I have a … Read more