The Journal: More Brandon Sanderson

In today’s Journal * More Brandon Sanderson * Mentorships Discontinued * Of Interest More Brandon Sanderson Another very short but important post today, primarily to mention two things: First, I took the time to look around and find Brandon Sanderson’s “318-R” course, the course on writing that he teaches at BYU. It’s free online (with his blessing) in a series of YouTube videos. I encourage you to watch at least the Course Overview (58 minutes) at If you go to that particular URL, you’ll see not only the Course Overview video, but the list of the other videos on … Read more

The Journal: A 20-Million Dollar Kickstarter Campaign

In today’s Journal * Quote of the Day * A 20-Million Dollar Kickstarter Campaign—in Fiction * Of Interest Quote of the Day “Kickstarter for all sizes has now officially become a great place to start the sales of your new book. Even if you get just a few hundred, or five hundred, or a thousand, it is still money and readers you didn’t have before.” Dean Wesley Smith A 20-Million Dollar Kickstarter Campaign—in Fiction A very short post today to pass along what is, to me, very exciting news. According to DWS, Brandon Sanderson’s second kickstarter is about to surpass … Read more