The Journal: Not a Good Day

In today’s Journal * Oh Well… * BundleRabbit Is Now PubShare * Of Interest I’m a little grouchy today. My apologies in advance. If you don’t want to put up with my grousing, I suggest you skip down to the “Of Interest” section. Oh Well…. Although he “love[d] the book idea and cover” for my SF novel For the Good of the Galaxy:The First Nine Days, Dean declined to include it in the upcoming StoryBundle. The reason? I don’t have a large-enough social-media presence, and therefore don’t have the platform to promote the bundle widely enough to be fair to … Read more

The Journal, Wednesday, 8/2

Hey Folks, There is a LOT of good information in “Of Interest” below. Be sure to check it out. A couple of days ago I announced here (to my friends) that I had another request for one of my books for a bundle. It happened again yesterday after I filed the Journal for the day. Too cool! And then today, I received requests to include three more of my books in bundles. WAY cool! (grin) By February, I’ll have books in Dystopia (current, A Rough New World); Guns of the West (current, No Kind’a Time and “A Turning Point for … Read more