The Daily Journal, Thursday, April 18

In today’s Journal ▪ Dean Wesley Smith’s free offer ▪ Topic: Always Learning ▪ Daily diary ▪ Of Interest ▪ The numbers Dean Wesley Smith is incredibly generous. He is giving away his Pop-Up Workshop #9: “How Authors Hurt Their Own Writing and Sales and How to Stop.” No catches. No gimmicks. The Pop-Up consists of twelve videos plus a short story prompt. See the link to his post (and the first video) in “Of Interest.” ESPECIALLY if you think you don’t need this (critical voice) SIGN UP. Seriously. Topic: Always Learning Every morning I search the Internet for items … Read more

The Journal, Tuesday, January 1

Hey Folks, Be patient. There’s a LOT in today’s Journal and in the “Of Interest” section. I hope you will find most of it entertaining and/or useful. Happy new year, everybody! May we all have a year filled with peace and good health. I don’t mention prosperity because, after all, we really can’t take it with us. My strongest personal urge is to live as long as I can and leave a legacy of sorts. As they say down south, can I get a big “Hell yeah!”? Like so many, I’m personally glad 2018 is behind us. Without belaboring the … Read more

The Journal, Monday, 10/23

Hey Folks, I was going to talk about Dean’s age-based challenge frenzy, but you can see it for yourself in “Of Interest” and draw your own conclusions. I’ll turn 65 in a few weeks. I tried to set up an interesting goal that has something to do with the numeric designation of my age, but I kept coming back to “Why?” I mean, if setting such a goal increased my actual productivity and made writing fun again, that could be something. The closest real challenge I could come up with was to write 52 short stories (one per week) during … Read more

The Journal, Thursday, 8/31

Hey Folks, Before the sun is up, I already know today will be another day of learning/reading for me. For one thing, irrationally, I’ve become attached to the beginning and ending of months. Go figure. Frankly, I’m glad August is almost gone. From a writing standpoint, it’s been a traumatic month for me. I probably could have pulled myself out of it any number of times, but I didn’t, so. And in a way, I feel as if I’ve been holding myself back, sort of waiting. Anyway, I’m glad it’s almost gone. *** We’re in an age in which companies … Read more

The Journal, Saturday, 6/24

Hey Folks, Not a lot to report today. It’s Saturday and I’m still clearing decks to prep for the upcoming challenge. This morning so far I made more tweaks on the main website. Then I moved over and made a few tweaks on the Writing in Public website. After that, I worked on this website, The Daily Journal, to include creating a new header. I also narrowed it a bit and revised some of the colors. Finally I made some major revisions on the MailChimp side of things. Now I’ve been to the store (with Mona) and am about to … Read more

The Journal, Friday, 6/23

Hey Folks, Well, here we are back at Yep, I’ve moved the Journal back over here. Much more on that in the topic below. *** Thirty-three years ago today Mona found out I’m a much better judge of women than she is of men. That’s when we tied the knot, and she hasn’t figured out how to untie it yet. (grin) *** The first gem I took from Dean’s current post (see “Of Interest”) when I started reading was this: “Challenges get me focused for short bursts of time on writing.” There you go. That’s the reason to establish … Read more