The Journal, Saturday, 10/21

Hey Folks, Well, I spent much of the morning on the Jerry Jenkins website I told you about yesterday. Here are my recommendations: — take advantage of the free giveaway for signing up for his newsletter. You can always unsubscribe later. — take advantage (with a grain of salt, as always) of the appropriate blog posts and other items listed on his Resources page. — take advantage of his blog, which I finally found at — be careful of spending money. Like many of these sites, it exists primarily to upsell you on other products. — avoid getting a … Read more

The Journal, Wednesday, 7/19

Hey Folks, Hemingway has long been my major influence in my writing. The man just has a way with terse sentences, regardless of their length. I need to read some of his stuff. I thought I had most of his works, so I checked. I have his Complete Short Stories: The Finca Vigia Edition in both paper and ebook, and I’ve read it through several times. I also have a few of his novels. A few. My library was sorely lacking in that regard. Yesterday I did a quick inventory, then sat down and ordered The Old Man and the … Read more