The Journal: Dave Farland (David Wolverton)

In today’s Journal * David Wolverton * Of Interest David Wolverton I’m still here, and there are some good things in “Of Interest.” But my main reason for posting today is to pass along some sad news. John David Wolverton, better known as Dave Farland or David Wolverton, suffered a massive heart attack yesterday and passed away last night. Our heartfelt condolences to his family, friends, and fans the world over. Dave’s departure is a huge loss to fiction and to the world in general. He, Dean Wesley Smith and Kris Rusch were longtime friends. Dean posted a great pic … Read more

The Journal: Free Stuff

In today’s Journal * Topic: Free Stuff * Today * Of Interest * The Numbers Topic: Free Stuff Because I expect my production to really soar this year, from time to time I’ll be giving away a free novel or novella. I know not everyone reads this drivel every day, so I’ll try to remember to keep the giveaway in place for a week. When I give away anything, I’ll also try to remember to offer an advance glimpse at it with a description so you can gauge your interest. You can still get my latest, The Cazadores Lounge and … Read more

The Journal: No Seriously, Nobody Cares

In today’s Journal * Quote of the Day * Topic: No Seriously, Nobody Cares * Today * Of Interest * The Numbers Quote of the Day “Nobody cares.” Dean Wesley Smith Topic: No, Seriously, Nobody Cares This morning, Kris Rusch wrote a kind of rambling Business Musings post titled, “Nobody Cares.” When it goes public in a few days, I’ll link to it in “Of Interest” so you can see it for yourself. I suspect it was rambling because she was tired from just having finished teaching a live workshop in Vegas. (I wanted badly to tell her she could … Read more

The Journal: On My Goals and Ugh

In today’s Journal * On My Goals * Ugh. It’s going to be a full day * Of Interest * The Numbers On My Goals Another update. I never want my goals to limit me. That would just be stupid. Goals are there to make us reach, not to hold us back. Duh. So for the duration (now through June 2020) I don’t necessarily have to START a short story on or after a Sunday, but I have to have a new one finished every Saturday by midnight. Likewise, I don’t have to START a novel on or after the … Read more

The Journal: A Diary of Days, and Feedback

In today’s Journal * A Gap-Filling Diary of Days * Topic: Feedback * Today * Of Interest * The Numbers A Gap-Filling Diary of Days I thought it might be useful to make notes on these few days when I’m not publishing the Journal January 2 — Got a lot done in moving offices in preparation for transitioning StoneThread Publishing to a licensing company. And wow, am I ever excited! As always, tasks that are necessary but peripheral to the actual writing fill me with a strong desire to get back to the basics: * Learn more (learning the craft … Read more

The Journal: The Ornery Little Comma

In today’s Journal * Quote of the Day * Topic: The Ornery Little Comma * Today * Of Interest * The Numbers Quote of the Day “The euphoria of self-publishing has worn off. … eBook Publishing, in general, seems to have stabilized.” Emily Harstone for AuthorsPublish. This is good news for those of us for whom writing and self-publishing is part of a business plan instead of a get-rich-quick scheme to make a quick buck. Topic: The Ornery Little Comma Note: I wrote this topic to fill a rotation slot in the PWW blog later this month, but I thought … Read more

The Journal, Monday, June 25

Hey Folks, Not a lot to report today, but at least I’m writing fiction again. After such a long layoff, it feels great. Awhile back I started my 9th Pulp detective novel. I’ll probably push through from here and finish it first, then either back to something else or forward to something new. My “novel goal” at the moment is to have two more novels finished by the end of July. That should be fairly easy to do. I’ve started three in the past few months that I allowed to lapse for one reason or another. Had a lot of … Read more