The Journal: Reader Taste vs. Writer Skill

In today’s Journal * Well, Not a New Writing Process * Topic: Reader Taste vs. Writer Skill * If anyone else encountered a problem * Yesterday * I’ve decided * Of Interest * The Numbers Well, Not a New Writing Process Sorry about that. I labeled what I passed along to you yesterday “a new writing process.” It wasn’t. I watched/listened to both videos. Well, all of the first one and the first few minutes of the second one. I want to say the videos contain a lot of filler, among which the “real” information is scattered. Unfortunately, I can’t … Read more

The Journal: Get a Beverage and Settle In

In today’s Journal * Quotes of the Day * First, there are a lot * Free hour-long lecture * Slow day yesterday * Just out of curiosity * Of her current Kickstarter * The Numbers Quotes of the Day “The writing courses taught me how to trust my characters even more than I had been – to let them lead me through the story.” Rachel Amphlett “There’s a term I like, coined by author Dean Wesley Smith over on his blog, called ‘writing into the dark.’ This means writing without an outline, without an overall plan, without a safety net, … Read more