The Journal: I’m All About Productivity

In today’s Journal * Quote of the Day * Well, I’ve been remiss * Topic: I’m All About Productivity * Today * Of Interest * The Numbers Quote of the Day “If, after that time, you feel stifled by your quota, don’t give it up. Just reduce the number to something easy. Like 250 words. Your ficus tree can write 250 words in a day. Don’t be shown up by your ficus tree.” James Scott Bell Well, I’ve been remiss recently, failing to welcome the few new folks who have joined us in the past couple of months: Ralph R, … Read more

The Journal: Quotes of the Day and Where Did It All Go?

In today’s Journal * Quotes of the Day * It’s December 1—2019! * Today * Of Interest * The Numbers Quotes of the Day “Mail your first draft. Publish your first draft. That book you’ve rewritten 15 times? Go back to the first draft. Publish that one. Because that’s your authentic voice. That’s the one you haven’t interfered with at all.” Kristine Kathryn Rusch at the 20BooksTo50K conference “Behavior presents as it does for a reason. It’s more than complex. It’s the way a life goes.” Mauro Altamura, an extra on the set of the Netflix original, The Irishman, a … Read more

The Journal, Saturday, November 2

In today’s Journal * Quote of the Day * After slacking off * Topic: A Few Thoughts on Publishing * Today * Of Interest * The Numbers Quote of the Day “When in doubt, have a man come through the door with a gun in his hand.” Raymond Chandler *** After slacking off for a couple of hours yesterday, I decided to go ahead and publish “Seven Minutes in Belfast.” This is a fast-paced thriller in a tight package. If you want to study tight pacing and how to delve deep into your protagonist’s psyche all in a small package, … Read more

The Journal, Monday, October 21

In today’s Journal * Today * Of Interest * The Numbers Today I’m posting here mostly to pass along the stuff in “Of Interest.” After working on my email a little last night and a lot this morning, I finally got through what had accumulated while I was gone. Dan and I had a great time escaping life in general, social media, Home Shopping Network and all the other mind-numbing stuff that washes over us all in everyday life. I posted a few pics on Facebook. If I can figure out how to download it from my camera, I might … Read more

The Daily Journal, Sunday, August 25

In today’s Journal * Quote of the Day * Miracle * Topic: The Short Story as a Marketing Tool * Daily Diary * Of Interest * The numbers Quote of the Day “You and I as artists inhabit one dimension of reality—the material dimension. … Creativity has its origin in a different sphere—the plane of potentiality. Our job is to tune in to that sphere. And to trust it.” Steven Pressfield Harvey’s corollary: “Especially after we start writing the story.” *** Well, in a very small way in my tiny world, a miracle happened. When I came to the Hovel … Read more

The Daily Journal, Sunday, May 19

In today’s Journal * My friend Dan * Weird how writers say * Topic: My Own Stages of Becoming a Fiction Writer * Daily diary * Of Interest * The numbers My friend Dan Baldwin will be dropping by today mid-morning or a little later. We’ll enjoy a couple of cigars and, no doubt, a lot of talk about writing. It’s always enjoyable visiting with Dan. I invariably learn something new or realize something I’d forgotten. So I’ll devote the first couple of hours this morning (after the Journal stuff) to the WIP, then post this early. *** As another … Read more

The Daily Journal, Saturday, March 30

In today’s Journal ▪ Yesterday ▪ On the novel ▪ Topic: On Writing Series… ▪ Daily diary ▪ Of Interest ▪ The numbers Yesterday I was thinking about going out into the desert behind my house for some target practice with my “new” 9mm. I realized the few rounds I fired at that old coyote the other day were the first ones I’d ever put through that piece. But instead, nagged by the constant PHP warning on all the websites I managed, I decided to look into upgrading the PHP version. (Don’t ask me. All I really know about it … Read more

The Daily Journal, Saturday, March 16

In today’s Journal ▪ Repeating a reminder… ProWritersWriting blog ▪ Topic: On Character and Setting ▪ Daily diary ▪ Of Interest ▪ The numbers I thought I’d repeat this reminder… the PWW blog goes live on March 18. I believe this will be a valuable new resource. If you subscribed to through a “form” on the website in the early days, you need to subscribe again. I got rid of the form and that subscription service. Now you only have to click a link in the menu at the website. If you want to subscribe via RSS, you can … Read more

The Daily Journal, Sunday, March 3

In today’s Journal ▪ More on pacing ▪ A weird fact about me ▪ Daily diary ▪ Of Interest ▪ The numbers A few days ago I mentioned pacing almost in passing. I got some good comments and a few emails about it, so I thought I’d expand on that in a topic. Then I remembered I’d written a post about the topic over on the big blog. To see that one (it holds up well) see “On Pacing and Paragraphing” at *** Here’s a weird fact about me. I guess you could call it part of my process … Read more

The Journal, Sunday, September 9

Hey Folks, I’ve had a sense of urgency about time and life since I read a book when I was around ten years old. If I remember correctly, it was Cheaper by the Dozen, in which siblings talked about growing up with their efficiency-expert father, Frank Gilbreth. As a result, I developed a kind of “do it right now because you might not have time later” thing. Right or wrong, that philosophy has guided my life ever since. To this day I hate wasting time. It really is the most precious commodity we have. In my life, the philosophy extends … Read more