The Journal: A New Blog on Substack

In today’s Journal * Quotes of the Day * A New Blog on Substack * A Great Series of Emails * Of Interest Quotes of the Day “We professional writers just write. It is what we do. But I would not write as much as I like to write if I didn’t have something, some sort of challenge or deadline or goal that I wanted to hit at the moment. The challenges, the goals, the deadlines are shields against the real world distractions.” Dean Wesley Smith “[T]he secret of writing. Have fun. If it is not fun, don’t do it. … Read more

The Journal: It’s Much Easier

In today’s Journal * It’s Much Easier * Of Interest It’s Much Easier Over at the Kill Zone Blog a day ago, James Scott Bell posted an interesting question: “Should Writing Be Easy?” Naturally, I commented. Of course writing is easy. You’re sitting alone in a room, making stuff up. What could be easier than that? But I wasn’t quite that flippant in my actual comment. I wrote that, “Writing is easy (and fun!) for those who are able to trust their creative subconscious and not allow the conscious, critical mind to second-guess them and shut them down.” Which of … Read more