The Daily Journal, Wednesday, January 30

Hey Folks, Another pretty good “Of Interest” section and a topic on one way to lose readers. Be careful out there. Topic: One Way to Lose Readers I wasted a lot of time today writing a lengthy topic (around 1500 words) that, in the end, seemed inane to me. So I trashed it. The words weren’t “wasted” though because they brought me to this. So I’ll just say a few quick things, because my main job is to tell stories, to entertain, and I want to get back to it. My secondary job is to pass along what I know … Read more

The Journal, Friday, January 4

Hey Folks, Yesterday, I went to D2D and found I already had an author page set up. That was kind of neat. Then I realized hardly any of my books were grouped together. Most of my novels were grouped with my short stories in “Other Books.” I’d failed to put the series tags and numbers on actual series, and the other books were just all over the place. So I put series tags and numbers on the books that are in actual series. Then I started lumping all the mysteries together into a Mystery “series” (group), SF into an SF … Read more