The Journal: You Want to Read This

In today’s Journal * Quote of the Day * Yesterday * A great mentoring student * Topic: How Specifically to Write Into the Dark * My mentoring student also asked * Because I know * Today * Of Interest * The Numbers Quote of the Day “To move past obstacles you need to move. The hardest obstacles to do that with are the ones you create yourself.” Colin Mobey Yesterday, as promised, I read over the 3000 words I’d written on The Others. It was gibberish. I threw it out. I kept only the idea. Sometime today I’ll write a … Read more

The Journal: Story Gestation

In today’s Journal * Dean Wesley Smith * I actually wrote * Topic: Story Gestation * Today * Of Interest * The Numbers Dean Wesley Smith has announced he’s going to shut down sign-ups for both the Licensing Transition learn-along and the Shared Worlds class on December 8. Just sayin’. I actually wrote 1700 words on the Blackwell Ops 7 novel yesterday. I keep thinking I could just set it aside and forget it, but the story’s too good to ignore. So I’m back at it again. I was going to share a comment I left on a post (see … Read more