A Good Question, and Punctuation

In today’s Journal * A Good Question * Punctuation * Of Interest A Good Question In a comment on “An Email, and You Who Disagree,” Chynna P wrote “[D]oes this mean you’ll stop writing the Journal soon?” I doubt many read the comments, so I thought I’d respond in today’s edition of the Journal. (I hadn’t planned to post an edition today at all.) First, thanks to Chynna for the question. She read the post correctly, but the answer is, I honestly don’t know. I’m not getting any younger, and I’d really rather fashion an intentional end to my contribution … Read more

The Journal: Know What Stuff Is

In today’s Journal * Quotes of the Day * Topic: Know What Stuff Is * Of Interest Quotes of the Day “Remembrance of things past is not necessarily the remembrance of things as they were.” Marcel Proust I like that quote. I’ve often told others that memoir is closer to fiction than to nonfiction because it’s a writer remembering what happened at a point in time. Fiction is a writer remembering something that could have happened at a point in time. “If you’re a good writer and want to write literary magazine material, start a blog, tell all your friends … Read more

The Journal: A Quick Note on Semicolons

In today’s Journal * A new first reader * Topic: A Quick Note on Semicolons * The Numbers I’m pleased to report I’ve added one new first reader, Tim W. in Virginia. Welcome aboard, Tim. And thanks! I’m still looking to add more female first readers. If you’re interested (male or female), email me at harveystanbrough@gmail.com. I like to get feedback from both a male and a female reader when possible. As politically incorrect as it is to say so, it’s been my experience that they have different sensibilities; therefore, different things pop out at them as they read. I … Read more

The Daily Journal, Friday, April 12

In today’s Journal ▪ Thanks ▪ Trad pubs? ▪ Topic: Consistency Is Key ▪ A new icon for PWW ▪ Daily diary ▪ Of Interest (a LOT of links) ▪ The numbers I read over yesterday’s post again last night, and wow did it sound needy. (grin) Anyway, thanks to all of you who commented on the post or in private emails to let me know the Journal matters to you. I appreciate it. I kind of figured it mattered to some of you, but I admit it’s nice to hear. If a particular edition of the Journal strikes you … Read more

The Journal, Thursday, 6/29

Hey Folks, I love to enter a room to find most common sense has fled. The absence makes me feel superior. Yeah, I need to stay away from Facebook more. (grin) Hey, both Christopher Ridge (http://creaturecritter.blogspot.com/) and Linda Maye Adams (http://lindamayeadams.com) are taking on a major writing challenge at the moment. Visit their websites to follow along and support their efforts. I’ve also added a link to their pages on my main website under Readers’ Resources. Last night my brain was full and I thought I was finished with website stuff. Then I sat down and hovered my cursor over … Read more