The Reverse Outline Shines Again

In today’s Journal * Quote of the Day * Topic: The Reverse Outline Shines Again * Sigh… More Controversy * Of Interest Quote of the Day “October 1st… Climb back on. That’s what I will be doing.” Dean Wesley Smith “I finally get it now. There really is no danger of over-describing. If it’s coming from the [POV] characters instead of my own brain, it makes sense for the story because it’s what they’re feeling, sensing, experiencing.” Chynna Pace, mentoring student Topic: The Reverse Outline Shines Again I can’t forcefully enough express the importance and usefulness of the reverse outline. … Read more

The Journal: The Series Bible

In today’s Journal * A great deal of good information * Topic: The Series Bible (and the Reverse Outline) * Of Interest There is a great deal of good information in today’s “Of Interest.” I strongly recommend you get your beverage of choice and settle in to read. You might even want to try a few of the things they recommend in the different articles as you go. Topic: The Series Bible (and the Reverse Outline) One of my favorites in “Of Interest” today is James Scott Bell’s post on the creation and use of a series bible. As some … Read more

The Journal, Tuesday, August 7

Hey Folks, According to an article I read this morning on Venezuela’s economy, you can now buy 3,500,000 liters (that’s 924,602 gallons) of 91-octane gasoline there for one US dollar (about 80,400 bolivars). Almost makes it worthwhile to consider buying a tanker truck and getting all the necessary permits, doesn’t it? But buy your eggs at home in the local grocery or from a farmer. In Venezuela today, a single egg costs 200,000 bolivars (about $2.49). This is not a rant on socialism. In my mind, the Prime Directive applies on Earth as it does in space fantasy. Citizens create … Read more

The Journal, Wednesday, 9/20

Hey Folks, I had a copyediting job come in, so I decided I’ll work on that during the early morning hours. I seem to do most of my own writing in the late morning and early afternoon anyway. Worked on the copyedit (an excellent memoir) for a few hours, then to the repair shop to pick up my no-longer-busted lawnmower, then back here. I should have gone straight to the novel, but I didn’t. I played with creating a new meme that has a half-crazy pic of yours truly. I posted it to Facebook. That was fun. Now to fetch … Read more