The Journal: Rewriting and Hemingway

In today’s Journal * Topic: Rewriting and Hemingway * Of Interest * The Numbers Topic: Rewriting and Hemingway Once again, a writer gave me a topic to write about here. Screenwriter MGP wrote to ask, “Why do you think rewriting is so embedded in the writing community?” He went on to talk about Hemingway and the allegation that the great writer “rewrote the last few sentences of Farewell to Arms 39 times.” Then MGP wrote, “in the article itself the writer uses that as ‘inspiration’ to allow himself to write sloppy and ‘fix’ it later.” My response to the direct … Read more

The Daily Journal, Thursday, July 18

In today‚Äôs Journal * Update * Topic: On Writing “Fast” * Daily diary * Of Interest * The numbers Update I got most of what I wanted to tranfer to Mona done yesterday (files, URLs, etc.). I say “most” because I’m sure other things will crop up later. This is a major mind-shift for me too, just because I won’t have to think as much about things I used to have to think about. Like pricing, genre placement, and distribution. Like classes on business and negotiations. I’ll keep my hand in the publishing side only as the prep guy. I’ll … Read more