The Journal: Opening Up a World Early

In today’s Journal * Opening up a World Early * Good day * The Numbers Opening Up a World Early A few days ago, one of my first readers emailed to say he’d awakened that morning with “an idea for another [FOH] storyline that could be interesting.” Then he asked whether he should “pitch it” to me or “write it up” like I offered with the Galaxy stories. I told him to go ahead and write it if he wants. So I’ll open that world up to others too. To save me reinventing the wheel, here’s the note I sent … Read more

The Journal: Writing in a Shared World

In today’s Journal * Quote of the Day * Topic: Writing in a Shared World * Yesterday * Today * Of Interest * The Numbers Quote of the Day “No, it’s not a very good story – its author was too busy listening to other voices to listen as closely as he should have to the one coming from inside.” Stephen King Topic: Writing in a Shared World One writer asked about the limitations of writing in a shared world. Specifically, the writer wondered how a proponent of writing into the dark could write in a shared world. So I … Read more