The Journal: An Epiphany

In today’s Journal * An Epiphany * Of Interest * The Numbers An Ephiphany In an effort to help with your writing career, I’ve always tried to be up front and honest with you guys with both my blunders as well as my achievements. Boy do I have a doozie for you today. You know how I’m always saying Take Your Time with your writing? Bear with me here. Sixty-some novels into my fiction writing career as I wrote the final chapter of the Wes Crowley saga, I decided to see whether there was room for more Wes Crowley novels … Read more

The Daily Journal, Sunday, June 16

In today‚Äôs Journal * Daily diary * Of Interest * The numbers Well, no writing today, and only a short post here. I stayed up too late last night watching Men in Black 3. (grin) This is a really good short series of movies with a great character arc for Agent J (Will Smith) and incredible writing. Spent some time (over the first cigar of the day) checking and updating Facebook. First time in a couple of weeks. As you know, a few days ago I finished writing my latest Wes Crowley novel. It was number 11 in the series … Read more