Yesterday, and Why Again

In today’s Journal * Quote of the Day * Oops. * Yesterday * Why Again * Of Interest Quote of the Day “When writing, it’s often just as important knowing what not to say, as it is knowing what to include… but … it’s easier to perceive when expressed through the eyes of my fictional characters” [emphasis added]. Vincent Berg at Writer’s Nook Well, the eyes, ears, nose, and taste and touch sensors. Oops. First, a quick apology. My post of the 18th (“If You REALLY Want to Write Into the Dark”) posted again yesterday, on the 19th. I suspect … Read more

Why I Talk About WITD So Often in the Journal

In today’s Journal * Why I Talk About WITD So Often in the Journal * Abandoning the Experiment * Of Interest Why I Teach WITD So Often in the Journal Bob Calverley, a long-time reader and writing friend, commented on yesterday’s post. You may read his comment before you continue below to read my response, but the response also stands alone. My apology in advance for this lengthy post: First, overall, I can guarantee this Journal will never exceed in value the price of a subscription. But that’s all right. It’s my thoughts on writing, nothing more. I have been … Read more