The Journal: A Gentle Reminder

In today’s Journal * Topic: A Gentle Reminder * Fiction Lengths * The Numbers Topic: A Gentle Reminder A gentle reminder today not to believe every bit of every article you read about writing. Better to consider each statement and question posed in such articles, then assign each a value. The values I assign personally range from Valid on the high end to Maybe Useful in the middle to PBS on the low end, and I’m not talking about the television network. In my rating system the P stands for “Pure” and the B stands for “Bat” or “Bull,” your … Read more

The Journal: Practice in Writing

In today’s Journal * Quotes of the Day * A Question for You * Topic: Practice in Writing * The Numbers Quotes of the Day “Start writing, no matter what. The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on.” Louis L’Amour “Fiction writing can be learned, if one studies diligently and keeps practicing.” James Scott Bell “I don’t know how to tell if my writing’s any good while I’m writing it.” Greer Macallister A Question for You Given today’s topic. I have a question, and I’m serious. One of the most clichéd sentences in the writing profession is … Read more

The Journal: Coming Soon: The Long-Awaited (Yeah, Right) Goals Post

In today’s Journal * Quote of the Day * Topic: Coming Soon: The Long-Awaited (Yeah, Right) Goals Post * An Open Note to Loyd J. * A Strange Phenomenon * Note to my first readers * The Numbers Quote of the Day “The last nine months have felt like one long never-ending sentence without commas or periods.” Margo T Krasne Topic: Coming Soon: The Long-Awaited (Yeah, Right) Goals Post I’m not pulling any punches here. This time of year, posts on setting goals abound. But when I’ve read some of those recently, I felt as if I was transported back … Read more