The Journal: A Primer on Learning to Write Fiction

In today’s Journal * Quotes of the Day * Topic: A Primer on Learning to Write Fiction * The Numbers Quotes of the Day “Those that know, do; those that understand, teach.” Aristotle “We can know something without understanding it. But what a difference it makes when we do understand; when the subject in hand isn’t something that we know a few facts about, but we have personal experience of what that feels like.” John Dsouza “Resident Writing Coach — [name redacted] has been a freelance editor and reader for literary agent [name of agent and agency redacted] for over … Read more

The Journal: Garbage Runs in Cycles

In today’s Journal * Quote of the Day * Topic: Garbage Runs in Cycles * Great start * The Numbers Quote of the Day “We often think we need to open with a huge bang, something that’ll catch the reader’s attention and play out like a blockbuster movie. But here’s the thing about those high-powered opening scenes: readers don’t care because they don’t yet know the characters or the baggage….” Becca Puglisi Topic: Garbage Runs in Cycles This morning was weird in two ways. Like so many other natural phenomena, garbage seems to run in cycles. One: I just realized … Read more