The Journal, Friday, December 22

Hey Folks,

Well, once again I’m prompted to file another edition of the Journal mostly so I can pass along some information.

See “A Christmas Gift” at I already signed up. There are 8 videos in the lecture. The whole lecture takes a little over an hour. Given the number of gems Dean drops, this will be well worth your time depending on your level as a writer.

I watched the whole thing so I could give you a more comprehensive report. Even with all that I’ve done in the past few years, from the vantage point of my current slump, I still picked up a few things that will be very useful very soon.. They were mostly reminders, but a couple of things I haven’t done.

It’s 22° here this morning. By 9 a.m. it was 32 but still officially felt like 22. It was 11° in Flagstaff where one of my sons lives, but to me when it gets below about 25° it’s all the same.

Today I’ll probably barricade myself in my house. I might get out to check the mail at the PO later, but I’ll definitely make a lot of headway on the copyedit.

I’ll update numbers tomorrow. I almost forgot to post this.

Back soon.