The Journal, Friday, July 27

Hey Folks,

Yesterday, Amazon hosted a free webinar on Paperback Formatting Essentials. I was registered for it, but I missed it. Probably because taking my books to paper isn’t the priority it used to be.

Anyway, Amazon was kind enough to send a link to a recording of the event. It’s in “Of Interest” today. If you’re interested in taking your books to paper (or even if you already do), I suggest you take a look.

Even if you don’t want to use Amazon, I suspect you can still learn something about paperback formatting. Plus the video is only 20 minutes.

Some of my personal issues resolved late yesterday so I’m hoping I can return to my writing soon.

Of Interest

See “Paperback Formatting Essentials” at The “meat” starts at about 1:50.

See “Study Along Workshops” at If you’re interested in the craft workshops but can’t make it to Vegas (or the cost is prohibitive), this sounds like a very good deal.

See the Writing Prompts category at (Disclaimer: I do not agree with all of the advice you’ll find there.)

I also recommend you check out the Reading Room category at A lot of gems there, and all based on the work of successful writers.

See you again soon.