The Journal, Wednesday, July 25

Hey Folks,

Still not fully back up to speed with my writing. At times, I’ve found myself actually hoping “other things” (website construction, copyedits, etc.) will come up so I can delay it a little longer. It’s a conundrum.

I want to write. I want to give myself wholly over to my stories and play with my friends. For me, there is no better feeling than being lost in a good story as it unfolds. And then there’s that legacy thing I talked about a couple days ago.

And of course, if someone else said to me, “But I really want to write,” I would tell them, “So go write already. Sit down at the keyboard and put new words on the page.”

In the future, I might temper that a bit with something like, “Well, if nothing’s stopping you, go write already.”

I’m going through a couple of life rolls at the moment. The lesser one consists of a couple of medical situations that are no big deal. Those will be resolved soon.

But the other, larger life roll is emotional. We all have them, so I won’t bore you with details. But every time I try to practice what I preach (that whole “So go write already” thing), bits and fragments of the larger life roll pop into my head. I can’t concentrate, and more importantly, I can’t not concentrate.

So I’m just gonna have to wait it out.

On Assumptions

I started to title this brief section “On Faulty Assumptions,” but it’s been my experience that assumptions are almost always faulty.

I’m a simple guy. I’m honest, and often bluntly so. On serious matters (so when I’m not joking around), I say what I mean and I mean what I say, nothing more and nothing less, no innuendo. And I show others the respect of taking what they say or do at face value as well, unless they’re obviously joking, etc.

I’ve always held that whatever others do, they do because they feel it’s necessary for their own life. Mostly that’s because I’m seldom privy to their reasons, nor should I be.

As a result of that attitude, I don’t assume ulterior motives. It’s an enjoyable, mostly stress-free way to live.

Of course, I have the feeling most of you already know that. Would that the whole world did.

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See you again soon.