The Journal, Friday, 6/30

Hey Folks, Yay! The last day of what turned out to be a major transition month for me. At least as far as life and websites go. This morning I realized there’s a glitch in my challenge plans. The challenge is to write a short story every day “in public,” meaning I’ll post it scene by scene over at But sometimes a story grows into a novel. I usually recognize a budding novel at around the two-thirds point of a story. Last month, in only 8 stories, two also wanted to be novels. That made me wonder, for a … Read more

The Journal, Thursday, 6/29

Hey Folks, I love to enter a room to find most common sense has fled. The absence makes me feel superior. Yeah, I need to stay away from Facebook more. (grin) Hey, both Christopher Ridge ( and Linda Maye Adams ( are taking on a major writing challenge at the moment. Visit their websites to follow along and support their efforts. I’ve also added a link to their pages on my main website under Readers’ Resources. Last night my brain was full and I thought I was finished with website stuff. Then I sat down and hovered my cursor over … Read more

The Journal, Wednesday, 6/28

Hey Folks, Well, frankly I was too tired to keep going yesterday. I didn’t upload stuff to BundleRabbit, and I didn’t update my novel-novella page and my short fiction page on my website. So probably one more nonwriting day today. I’m getting a lot of “writing related” stuff done, but I’m not writing. Writing is putting new (fiction) words on paper. Ah well. Either way it should be a banner July. Guess we’ll see. *** Had a guy unsubscribe today from the big blog. I wouldn’t mention it but he listed the reason as “Did not sign up for list.” … Read more

The Journal, Tuesday, 6/27

Hey Folks, Wow, there sure are a lot of blank spaces on my spreadsheet where there should be fiction numbers. I don’t imagine that bothers you a lot since they’re my goose eggs and not yours. But just in case, I can promise you they’re going to change pretty soon. (grin) Probably in a big way. What follows is a bit of personal rambling, which is why it isn’t preceded by the word “topic.” I might have mentioned here before an old Marine Corps acquaintance of mine. I won’t mention his name here. It wouldn’t mean anything to you, and … Read more

The Journal, Monday, 6/26

Hey Folks, Wow. I could post this right now and chances are you’d find value in it. Just check out today’s “Of Interest” to see what I mean. There’s a lot there. *** By the way, I requested and received a “free website critique” of my main website from Nate Hoffelder. In a word, the guy’s legit. He’s also super helpful. My website doesn’t suck, but (to continue the analogy) he pointed out a few places where vacuum leaks exist or are forming. So I’ll take care of those over the next week or so. So once again I encourage … Read more

The Journal, Sunday, 6/25

Hey Folks, Well, the best laid plans, etc. An unexpected trip popped up for tomorrow morning. We’ll leave here around 6 for a 10-hour turnaround to Flagstaff to pick up Bryan. Job Corps finally decided they have a slot for him. They called a few days ago (did I tell you that?) while I was in New Mexico. Originally, Mona was going to drive to Casa Grande (about 3 hours) to meet Roy and drive Bryan back here. But due to circumstances, Roy can’t do that now, so we’ll drive to Flagstaff to get him. Then on Tuesday, I’ll drive … Read more

The Journal, Saturday, 6/24

Hey Folks, Not a lot to report today. It’s Saturday and I’m still clearing decks to prep for the upcoming challenge. This morning so far I made more tweaks on the main website. Then I moved over and made a few tweaks on the Writing in Public website. After that, I worked on this website, The Daily Journal, to include creating a new header. I also narrowed it a bit and revised some of the colors. Finally I made some major revisions on the MailChimp side of things. Now I’ve been to the store (with Mona) and am about to … Read more

The Journal, Friday, 6/23

Hey Folks, Well, here we are back at Yep, I’ve moved the Journal back over here. Much more on that in the topic below. *** Thirty-three years ago today Mona found out I’m a much better judge of women than she is of men. That’s when we tied the knot, and she hasn’t figured out how to untie it yet. (grin) *** The first gem I took from Dean’s current post (see “Of Interest”) when I started reading was this: “Challenges get me focused for short bursts of time on writing.” There you go. That’s the reason to establish … Read more