Qualifying “Just Write the Next Sentence”

In today’s Journal * Quotes of the Day * Topic: Qualifying “Just Write the Next Sentence” * Of Interest Quotes of the Day “You know, everybody is ignorant, only on different subjects.” Will Rogers “Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.” Winston Churchill Topic: Qualifying “Just Write the Next Sentence” Surprise! This is not a repeat. As a test, I wasn’t going to post today, but I had a question, and I felt it was too important to put off (and maybe forget). So I’ll plan to not post anything tomorrow as a test. A … Read more

The Journal: Quit but Keep Teaching?

In today’s Journal * Quotes of the Day * Topic: Quit but Keep Teaching? * Of Interest * The Numbers Quotes of the Day “You have heard the old chestnut that writers write, right? You wouldn’t say, ‘I’m a mountain climber’ without ever actually climbing a mountain, right?” Chuck Wendig “I am amazed, astounded, astonished at how often I see writers bitching about writing. I don’t mean bitching like, ‘Oh, shucks, I had a bad day,’ or, ‘Man, this story’s a lot harder to write than I anticipated.’ But… an endless stream of complaining about the very act of putting … Read more

The Journal, Saturday, January 5

Hey Folks, A long post this morning, so consider yourself warned. (grin) This morning, writer Mark Alpert over at the Kill Zone blog titled his post “Five Ways to Become a Happier Writer.” All well and good. I thought I was in for a real treat. Uh, no. The more I read, the more depressed I became. The five points he laid out are valid. But the stuff he wrote below them, for the most part, was “not to my taste,” as Dean says. (grin) Now, I’m aware all writers are different. But frankly, Mark’s post left me wondering why … Read more