The Journal, Wednesday, July 4

Hey Folks, Happy Independence Day, folks. And happy Mmmphth birthday to my bride, Mona. Now you know the real reason behind all the parades and fireworks. (grin) As to her age, well, we’ve been married for 33 years, so according to my considered calculations, she was six when we were married. Close enough. (grin) There was nothing of interest to report yesterday. I did do a little writing but it was an opening that didn’t work. So I kicked it to the curb and am not counting the words. I won’t do anything today but celebrate, and the celebration might … Read more

The Journal, Monday, March 26

Hey Folks, Well, it’s Sunday as I write this, but I won’t post it until Monday, after I’ve written something. I only opened the boilerplate today to add the first bit in “Of Interest.” I’ll add others (if any) tomorrow before I post. Okay, now it’s Monday morning. The first thing I did was revise my “The Original Heinlein’s Rules” post (I added 450 words) and scheduled it for May 29 over on the big blog. When it pops up, I hope you’ll read it. It’s considerably different from when I posted it here back on March 9. Editing this … Read more