The Journal: Writer Resources

In today’s Journal * Quote of the Day * Writer Resources * The Big Book Giveaway * Of Interest Quote of the Day “You just never know and [you] can’t let their reaction hinder or help your writing in any way.” Author Alison Holt ( on readers’ reactions to your stories You can read the comment from which this quote was taken (and the other comments) at Writer Resources This Journal is a valid writer-information resource, meaning it’s written by a guy who’s practiced what he preaches and vouches that it works. I recommend using the Search box in … Read more

The Journal, Wednesday, August 15

Hey Folks, Well, first an update: A prolific young writer who was certain his blog post was the catalyst for my Journal post yesterday (maybe it was, maybe it wasn’t) emailed me to say he’s back on track and committed to writing again. Also he won’t be starting a Patreon account for a good while, if ever. His plan all along was to wait until he had plenty to offer subscribers. He also wrote that the “Time for excuses is over. Now is the time for me to put up or truly fade away and realize that [I] dont have … Read more

The Journal, Wednesday, August 1

Hey Folks, Well, yesterday’s trip to Tucson was mostly a waste of time. The upshot was I have to go back in early September for another test. In retrospect, that is the test I should have had yesterday. But as with all things, it will be what it will be. Nothing to worry about. Just little annoyances, the largest of which is the putrid, festering intrusion of insurance company mandates into what should be purely medical decisions. Today, writing will be even more of a joyful escape than usual. *** The “first-page critique” offered by the Kill Zone blog has … Read more

The Journal, Wednesday, July 18

Hey Folks, Today’s post is long. It’s all about professional resources… I went through my links yesterday, deleted any authors’ websites that are about nothing but the author, new releases, etc. I’m keeping only those that offer some insight for other writers. And I’ll be rearranging those today to make them easier to find. One person responded to my call for resources yesterday. (Thanks, Gnondpom.) The ones that were already listed in my Writers Resources or that I’ve added are preceded below by an asterisk (to let you know you can find them on my site later). The others are … Read more

The Journal, Wednesday, July 4

Hey Folks, Happy Independence Day, folks. And happy Mmmphth birthday to my bride, Mona. Now you know the real reason behind all the parades and fireworks. (grin) As to her age, well, we’ve been married for 33 years, so according to my considered calculations, she was six when we were married. Close enough. (grin) There was nothing of interest to report yesterday. I did do a little writing but it was an opening that didn’t work. So I kicked it to the curb and am not counting the words. I won’t do anything today but celebrate, and the celebration might … Read more

The Journal, Friday, June 8

Hey Folks, This will almost be a topic on websites and what to do with them. Welcome to new subscribers. In this golden era of indy publishing, there are no limits. You can have complete control of your writing career. IF you’ve managed to avoid the hordes of traditional and vanity publishers out there who only want to take your money. But it does take a little work. It’s important to have an author website, a place where fans can visit to learn about you and what you’re doing. It’s also important, especially as you write more stories and novels … Read more