The Journal, Wednesday, August 1

Hey Folks,

Well, yesterday’s trip to Tucson was mostly a waste of time. The upshot was I have to go back in early September for another test. In retrospect, that is the test I should have had yesterday. But as with all things, it will be what it will be.

Nothing to worry about. Just little annoyances, the largest of which is the putrid, festering intrusion of insurance company mandates into what should be purely medical decisions.

Today, writing will be even more of a joyful escape than usual.

The “first-page critique” offered by the Kill Zone blog has been on my mind for awhile. It’s probably a good deal, but I understand that writers often wait up to several months for the critique. Also, I don’t know whether every submission is critiqued. (If anyone out there knows, fill me in.)

As a way of giving back, I’ve decided to make a similar offer to my subscribers.

I’ll critique the opening of any fiction work (up to 600 words) free of charge and with a real-time turnaround directly to you via email.

The only caveat is that you by using the service you agree to allow me to use excerpts of your work (but not your name, ever) and my response for instructional purposes in either of my blogs.

Other offerings will be forthcoming after I iron out a few details.

Received a BundleRabbit royalty statement and payment this morning. Just as a reminder, if you’d like to check out some of my work along with the works of some truly great fictionists for some ridiculously low prices, visit and take your pick.


To the Hovel and my WIP at around 9:30. Up to the house around 11 to tend to laundry and check Internet stuff, then back to the Hovel.

Back to the house at quarter to 1 to check the laundry and the Internet. The writing’s going well. Thus far I’ve added around 2000 words, and I’m going back after I’ve posted this.

Of Interest

See “Copyright – Ideas vs. Expression” at For anyone who wasn’t aware, The Passive Guy is a copyright/intellectual property attorney. Good stuff.

I haven’t mentioned this for a long time, but if you’d like to read about a way to help improve literacy among teenagers, please visit Literacy Inc. at

See Dean’s “Six Years Without Missing A Day” at Quite an accomplishment, especially when you consider all the sheer gold advice he gave away during that time.

See John Gilstrap’s “Rejection Proofing” at A great post on “social algebra.”

Another excellent writer resouce. See at

Talk with you again soon.