The Journal, Thursday, August 2

Hey Folks,

Well, when the smoke cleared yesterday I had just over 3000 new words on the story. Feels great to be writing again.

This one is in a different style than my pulp-noir mysteries or detective stories or mob stories. It has as much action, but the writing requires considerably more patience. It’s a good change of gears for me.

Hmm. Maybe if I go back to reporting my daily/monthly/annual numbers at the bottom, I’ll report them on the day after (like I did in the first paragraph above) instead of the day-of.

That will remove any pressure I feel to get the writing done in time to post the Journal. And I’ve heard from a few folks who like to follow along. So maybe I’ll do that.

Or maybe I’ll do it the way Dean does and publish the whole Journal on the morning after for the day before. Something to consider.

From Jordan Dane’s Kill Zone post (see below),

“Louis L’Amour hooked me into reading, but thriller authors like Robert Ludlum kept me going (Bourne Identity series). I got into crime fiction and espionage thrillers. Ludlum made me pay attention to how to pace a book and the structure of cliffhangers.”

Short post today. I wrote a lot of stuff in an essay, but mostly to release some steam, so I won’t include it here.

Suffice it to say I’m thankful to be surrounded by friends and acquaintances (you) for whom original thought is not a foreign concept.

To the Hovel at 10. Wrote for about an hour, then up to the house for lunch. Back to the Hovel for another hour for a total of around 2500 words. Short day today.

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Talk with you again soon.