The Journal, Tuesday, July 31

Hey Folks,

I’m posting this early so those of you who get it via RSS will get it sooner. This is one benefit of not reporting my numbers. I can post earier when necessary.

Dean is back.

See his post “Just About Clear” at

Scroll down in his post to “Short Story and Novel Challenge.” This is exciting, and an excellent opportunity to jumpstart both your writing AND your learning.

If you’ve been thinking about signing up for some of Dean’s online workshops, this is an absolutely excellent value. I might even do it myself, though there aren’t many online workshops I want that I haven’t already taken.


I’ll head out to the Hovel in about an hour and add some more to my WIP, then get ready for my appointment in Tucson.

Of Interest

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Okay, I’m outta here. Talk with you again soon. (grin)