The Journal, Monday, July 30

Hey Folks,

First, thanks to writer friend Bob C. who sent a URL for an article for the “Of Interest” section. You will find it below.

With it, Bob sent an email that read in part, “This struck me as a con artist who knew just the right buttons to push for a certain well-heeled market of aspiring writers. The lesson here is that there are a ton of people hovering around would-be authors looking to take their money.”

From the article,

“Today Anna March … offers private literary consulting — manuscript consultations for $1,600 to $3,000 and coaching for hopeful writers to construct submissions to literary agents.”

Be advised. If it sounds like an easier road and costs a ton of money, it’s probably a scam.

As I’ve always said, there is no valid alternative to learning the craft, learning the business, and doing the work.


And today I’m actually back to doing the work.

Back on July 20, I started a complete recast of a story idea I had. I started with the basic idea, but tossed out what I’d written up to that point (not quite 6000 words).

Then on that day I wrote around 2000 words. On the 21st, I wrote about another 1000 words, then let it lapse for a day. On the 23rd, I had a good day with around 3500 words (for a new total of around 6600).

Then I was slapped with a couple of life rolls. One is mostly resolved, and the other is ongoing. I expect it will resolve in the next month, and with a whole new, healthier me.

This morning, I made it out to the Hovel at around 9 with my writing ‘puter. I’m writing slower than I was when I was hitting it every day, but I’m writing. And since it had been several days, I read over the whole thing to get back in the flow. I managed to avoid the critical mind traps this time.

Today thus far, I’ve added around 3500 words (it’s almost 1 p.m. now) and I’m headed back out there. I hope your writing’s going well too.

If this one works out (and I expect it will), it will be the third book in the Nick Spalding series, which began with the novella Jobs Like That. Then sometime in the future I’ll have to go back and write the second one to fill in the gap. (grin)

Tomorrow morning I should have time to write. Then tomorrow afternoon I begin settling the second life roll.

Of Interest

See Sue Coletta’s “How To Write a Press Release That Works” at In case this might be useful to you. (If you schedule book signings, etc. in advance.)

See “Lifetime Subscription to Vegas Workshops” at Something to consider.

See “Literary ambition. Fabulous parties. A hidden past.” at This is the article I talk about in the opener. Thanks again to Bob C.

Finally, as if she needs my help (grin) see “Psst! You! The Person Who…” at A great offer.

Talk with you again soon.