The Journal, Thursday, August 16

Hey Folks, I’m writing this early (around 6), but probablly a non fiction-writing day today. It’s a half-day anyway, and a laundry day and I have a copyedito to work on. Some of you probably are rolling your eyes, but the plan “this time” is to write first in the morning on most days (beginning tomorrow, I hope) and to edit in the afternoons until the copyedit is finished. I know. Been there before, but my mindset is a little different this morning. As I was telling a friend earlier, I’m in a Hemingway-esque state of mind. I wrote the … Read more

The Journal, Friday, March 2

Hey Folks, Wow. The last few mornings, I’ve been rolling outta the rack right at 2 a.m. no matter what time I went to bed. Those of you who’ve been around awhile will remember my usual time is between 3 and 4. My son and his family are coming in tomorrow. So with a weekend of visiting, I’m hoping to get a lot done early tomorrow morning. It typically takes me an hour or so of slapping myself around with the Internet to wake up. Then I head out to the Hovel for my first session on my WIP. While … Read more

The Journal, Friday, January 19

Hey Folks, Well, the ending of The Origin Novel snuck up on me this morning. I figured it would be at least a few more days, but I turned a corner and there it was. It’s now titled The Keeper of the Promise, with The Origin Novel as the subtitle. As you know, much of the process on this one was me cycling back through stuff I’d already written. I started with five short stories. When the dust cleared, I had cut two complete short stories that didn’t figure into the novel (or did so only peripherally) plus about another … Read more

The Journal, Thursday, January 18

Hey Folks, Be sure to hit the “Of Interest” section below. There’s a lot there. It will seem overwhelming, but I read all of the info there in less than an hour. Either way, you don’t want to miss it. *** Well, the water heater started leaking last night. One of those times I’m glad I’m renting instead of buying. The owners know us well and trust us, so we do pretty much anything we want to the house and the property, but when big expenses come up (like replacing a water heater) that’s on them. It’s all good. I … Read more