The Journal: We’re Back

In today’s Journal * Quotes of the Day * We’re Back * About the Archives * Of Interest Quotes of the Day “It’s very important in life to know when to shut up.” Alex Trebek “Values are not trendy items that are casually traded in.” Ellen Goodman We’re Back As has seemingly become my routine recently, I’m posting this primarily to get the items linked in “Of Interest” out to you. Nothing earth-shaking there, but some good stuff. I’m also posting this edition to announce that the Journal is back home again. And by the way, my sincere thanks to … Read more

The Journal: All About Items of Interest

In today’s Journal * All About Items of Interest * Of Interest * The Numbers Today’s Journal is all about items I thought you might find of interest. As a result, a bit ironically, there’s nothing in the actual “Of Interest” section again today. Anyway, I hope you find one or more of these items useful. From Jane Friedman’s weekly blog digest, I culled “NFTs: What Are They and How Much Should Writers and Publishers Care?” just in case any of you are interested. You can find the full article at In the interest of full disclosure, I personally … Read more

The Daily Journal, Thursday, July 11

In today’s Journal * Quote of the Day * Update * A major new resource * Topic: A Toast to New Beginnings * Daily diary * Of Interest * The numbers Quote of the Day “The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.” Daniel J. Boorstin *** Yesterday, I moved the large monitor for my business computer back up to the house since that’s where we’ll be doing most of our learning. (See the topic below) My new partner and I also started some preliminaries: setting up a new web-based email address for the … Read more

The Daily Journal, Monday, May 20

In today’s Journal * A friend emailed me * Topic: How to Quiet the Critical Voice (Chapter 3) * Daily diary * Of Interest * The numbers A friend emailed me today to ask whether we wanted more readers over at the PWW blog. He said at hsi table at the RWA (Romance Writers of America) meeting on Saturday, everyone else at the table was talking about worthwhile blogs. But he kept PWW to himself because he didn’t know for sure whether we wanted more readers. Let me be a clear as I can: PLEASE spread the word about PWW. … Read more